Friday, 17 September 2021

Something worth reading!

My respected Rector ada tulis his opinion..
so I want to re-share here....

THE next phase of vaccination involving children is a tricky one.

If a British Medical Journal (Aug 16) editorial, titled "Profiteering from vaccine inequity: A crime against humanity?", is to be believed, it is time to pause and think about the next course of action.

The article says that some pandemic strategies are "hanging by a thread, at the whim of big pharma and popularity politics in the West", in reference to what is going on in east Asia.

Adding to this is the question of moral scandal, which is tantamount to a crime against humanity when we are complicit by our silence, it said.

Although this is more directed to the issue of vaccine inequity globally, the vaccination of children and adolescents of a certain age group can also be viewed in the same light, and more so because they are children or adolescents.

And this group, often regarded by many as young adults, is then subjected to the same rules applicable to the adult world.

At the end of the day, they suffer the same consequences, namely due to commercial greed and political self-interest.

So much so that British charity Oxfam has accused the G20 group of rich nations of putting relations with pharmaceutical companies ahead of ending the Covid-19 pandemic.

Against this backdrop, we begin to appreciate why a judicial review application was filed at the Penang High Court on behalf of 18 children by a Penang legal team in view of the vaccination programme for those aged 12 to 17.

The leave and stay application was filed on Aug 30 with a certificate of urgency.

The court has fixed Oct 4 for the attorney-general to file his written submissions, and Oct 15 for the hearing online.

The proposed approach in the judicial review application is outlined as follows:

It is by law a choice whether someone wants to be vaccinated or otherwise. The vaccines are given conditional registration in Malaysia.

And one of the eligibility conditions is "existing products have not been successful in eradicating the disease or preventing outbreaks".

In rolling out the vaccination programme for 12 to 17 year olds, informed consent should be obtained from parents.

Getting informed consent from patients is a requirement for medical practitioners under the Malaysian Medical Council guidelines.

Those vaccinated were asked to sign a consent form, although whether they read and understood it is debatable.

They may have had access to a consumer medication information leaflet.

Whether written information is suitable for 12 to 17 year olds is relevant to ask.

We should also ask if parents or guardians, who will be signing on their children's behalf, can explain it adequately to the children.

Ultimately, who decides?

The Health Ministry's Clinical Guidelines on Vaccination For Adolescents (12 to 17 years) in Malaysia (July 2021) states: information regarding the vaccine's efficacy, safety and possible adverse reactions should be clearly explained to the adolescents and to their parents or caregivers prior to the vaccination.

Parents or caregivers will be required to sign the informed consent form on behalf of the adolescents.

The leaflet also tells those vaccinated (children or adolescents) about how to report any side-effects and adverse effects.

Are the children capable of doing this as it is well established from studies that even adults are not living up to expecta-tions?

On the issue of deaths, allegedly, the authorities require the family of anyone who dies after taking the vaccine to leave the body with the hospital for 14 days if they want a post-mortem.

Most, if not all, refuse, thus leaving deaths in adults or children related to vaccines not being investigated.

The World Health Organisation said: "More evidence is needed on the use of Covid-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against Covid-19."

Meaning, without meaningful data and evidence, children's health should not be experimented on.

To this end, it is claimed that a number of affidavits from medical experts around the world has been obtained, covering all the issues.

The judicial review application seems to be of interest to many who are looking forward to it as part of children's rights.

The writer, an NST columnist for more than 20 years, is International Islamic University Malaysia rector

Allahul musta'an

Vaccination remains voluntary

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Ada orang request nak naik LRT

his happiness is my happiness!!

razeen memang minat naik LRT..lgpun dh lama terkurung dlm rumah kan..biasanya dia layan youtube tgk psl LRT

aktiviti dlm LRT--selain menikmati pemandangan sekeliling

lupa nak pakai cincin la bila JOTD (jewellery of the day), rasa kosong incomplete hehehheh

sempatlah singgah ronda2 dlm kedai toys..razeen cari toys train/aeroplane tp tak jumpa alahai

posing2 dgn background summer theme landscape

fuhh lama sungguh tak posing2 OOTD..baju ni design punjabi suit trendy (mcm jubah jugak sbb labuh kat belakang) tp selesa sbb material ringan nipis dan long pants tu mudah nak bergerak

ni OOTD sblm keluar

have a nice day everyone!
ari ni MZ ada dry-run petronas training pukul 3 pm, Allahumma yassir..aamiin

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Tukang baiki jam terbaik!

alkisahnya...biasanya MZ tukar bateri jam kat kedai jam dlm giant mall batu caves...harga memang standard kedai la (RM25-RM30) biasanya

then last few week, nak tukar bateri utk 2 jam yg dh abih bateri- MZ ada agak byk koleksi jam
so from time to time memang gilir2 tukar bateri jam bila dh sampai masa abih baterinya...mcm ikut turn

then bila bawak ke kedai jam tu...staff tu tak dpt nak bukak tempat bateri (jam swarovski)..katanya penutup bateri tu ketat sgt...
then ada satu lg jam, brand esprit, staff kedai tu ckp, dh try pasang bateri baru tapi tak berfungsi dh, kira mcm dh rosak....MZ sayang semua koleksi my watches ni sbb semuanya ada kisah tersendiri, semua ori dan branded....lg lah sayang kan

then area sri gombak (dekat bulatan) tapak pasar mlm....MZ selalu ternampak ada mcm stall/kedai bergerak utk repair jam
so 2 hari lps,  MZ pun singgah lah, cuba nasib...

syukur alhamdulillah...dh setel semua....jam swarovski tu dh setel tukar bateri (RM18) dan jam esprit, memang enjin dh rosak, so tukang jam tu (nama Muhd Khairil) repair dgn cara tukar enjin (RM55)...syukur sgt! so masih boleh pakai lah jam kesayangan MZ ni--gigih check balik entry lama2 then jumpa ENTRY NI--MZ dpt jam ni (menang contest) pd bulan Mac 2015, so kiranya dh 6 tahun lebih usia jam ni (masa tu RRP RM529)

ni kisah semlm..sepanjang hari MZ sedey/gloomy (ada something happened)...then salah satu cara nak pujuk diri sendiri...pakai inai hahaah ie buat benda yg MZ enjoy/suka....dan of course suka hand-file jugak..gilir2 pakai/tukar mana2 jewelleries yg ada

salam hari selasa
MZ ada meeting audit ni
have a nice day!


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