Tuesday 30 June 2009


Hooray...another exciting giveaway is on...
it's 'Manjakuhappy Giveaway'!!! and it runs until midnite today...

The prize is so tempting...
-->Cloth Diaper Lollipop!!!

So how to join this contest???
Let's quickly check out the rules:

-->There are 5 ways actually.....here is what I copy and paste from the Manjakuhappy blog..

"CARA 1 Berikan komen kat dlm entry giveaway ni berserta email address anda. (Senangla saya nak email jika menang :))

Nak masuk senarai lagi?
CARA 2 "Follow" this blog. Ada kat sebelah kanan "Come and Join, Manjakuhappy members", Dah ada ke? automatik masuk senarai nanti.

Dan masuk lagi?
CARA ke 3 Linkkan blog http://manjakuhappy.blogspot.com ke dalam website/blog/fp/dll. Kemudian beritahu saya dengan meletakkan komen di sini ye.

Dan lagi?
CARA ke 4 Buat entry mengenai Manjakuhappy Giveaway dengan meletakkan gambar giveaway serta link http://manjakuhappy.blogspot.com ke dalam blog anda! Cerita lah apa2 pun mengenai Manjakuhappy! ho..ho.ho...jgn lupa datang sini balik untuk beritahu saya dgn meletakkan komen di sini.

Okay, ada satu lagi cara
CARA ke 5 Emailkan Manjakuhappy Giveaway kepada 10 orang sahabat anda! owhh..boleh buat 1 email kepada 10 org ye...Jangan lupa cc kan pada manjakuhappy@yahoo.com supaya saya tau anda telah pun menghantar email tersebut. Dan beritahu saya pada komen ye.

TIPS manjakuhappy: sekiranya anda menggunakan ke lima-lima cara tersebut..nama anda akan tersenarai 5kali! lebih banyak nama anda masuk dlm senarai bakal pemenang, lebih besar peluang anda untuk menjadi pemenang."

Easy rite!!
So hurry up dear mommy bloggers!!! there's still time to be part of the contestants!!

Oh yeah, due to overwhelming response, there is an additional prize, which is equally lovely:
and to those whose names appear more than 3 times on the blog list of contestants, they are also entitled to this:

To Manjakuhappy, thank u soooo much, and happy birthday to Ammar!!

Mama Zharfan
3.50 pm

Monday 29 June 2009

Sarakids Open Day - "pink&white day"

The weather was good- sunny & bright. Me, hubby and our 2 boys arrived there on time. We were greeted by Sarakids owner, Puan Farah- she's so sweet & looks soo ayu!We registered, got a cute goodie bag and the number for lucky draw-->SK 110.
the lovely banner for the event

We chose a table and 3 seats under the pink&white tent, and I quickly browsed thru the booths there...managed to grab some of the very good bargain baby stuff like Disney feeding set and 2 sets of boxed babywear, not forgetting a Ladybird wrist rattle for my lil Ariff!
In our pink outfit!

The event started at 3.10 pm..everything went smooth according to the schedule - there were birthday celebration for Puteri Sara Azalea, followed by father's day celebration.
Puteri Sara Azalea-the birthday girl! as sweet as her mother :)

The next event was games for kids handled by the Clown, and few briefings - on bf, cloth diaper and sling/ring pouch.
Zharfan with his conso prize - he joined father-and-child game (the game of fastest father feeding jelly to their kids)

The food was delectable, lots of varieties!

The most awaited part finally came...yesss..the prize-giving for Bonda's Day Contest organized earlier by Sarakids blog.
So I went up to the mini stage to receive my prize!! Wow, other than the Tiara Beach Resort PD voucher, Puan Farah has generously given me an additional prize - that's a sweet surprise!! -->"Find-Me" Neon Play Tent and Tunnel Combo Set (it is worth RM89.00!)

The lucky draw event was equally fun & rewarding, as everyone seems to get a prize (lots of prize provided by Sarakids)...so I went to the stage for the 2nd time to receive the Lucky Draw prize ie Cartoon(Ladybird) Hanging Pocket!!
Lucky draw prize-giving

I didn't manage to mingle around with other bloggers, except that I sempat smiled and introduced myself to "Farah"- a blogger (http://mylildreamz.blogspot.com/), who happens to sit near my table...

We left the event at 5 pm, after taking pics (group pic) and a pic with Puan Farah.
Me posing with Farah before going off.

It was indeed an enjoyable moment being there... Thanks Farah@Sarakids for such a wonderful event and congrats for handling it successfully!!!

~ that almost everyone seems to adhere to the theme colour ie dressing in pink&white outfits, and that's including my family!! <--I bought a pair of babywear in pink for my lil Ariff just a day before the event!

~that I saw many mothers carrying their babies in sling pouch!! That makes me drooling- wanna have one, but the price of the pouch is not that cheap...so got to find some additional fund to buy it..

~that all guests come with their small kids and babies...that's awesome!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
10 pm

CCC#1st GIVEAWAY - A Perfect 1st Birthday Gift for Hambali

Hanz @Charm Chameleon Chatterbox is currently having her first giveaway, in conjunction with the cutey Hambali first birthday!! The task is to suggest a perfect birthday gift for Hambali the birthday boy. The gift must be selected from http://www.mytoysandbooks.com, and within the budget of RM100.

After reading up some of Hanz's previous blog postings, I come up with this answer to her question :
What is a 'purrr-fect' gift for a baby boy who just turned One Year Old?

My first suggested gift:

Pop-Up Book - The Very Lazy Lion (Hardcover)
price : Rm65.20

Fun description about the book:
"Lazy lion likes to sleep, he stretches out and snores. But if you dare to wake him up, he pounces and he roars!The animals of the jungle are brought to leaping, roaring life in these playful pop-ups that toddlers will adore! Comes with excellent rhyming text. Hilarious, high quality and durable pop-ups to play with time and time again."

WHY I CHOOSE THIS BOOK as a perfect gift:

1) Hambali ( plus his Mummy & Daddy) loves 'lion-thingy' stuff, hence the book is excellent to add up to the existing lovely collection of LION!!
2)A pop-up book is always great way to catch Hambali's attention - this is based on my personal experience with my boy, Zharfan who loves pop-up books so much!!
3) Playing and learning is much more fun with this kind of book, and it would definitely strenghthen the mother-baby/toddler relationship. I'm convinced that Hanz as the mother would enjoy having fun reading the book to Hambali, at the same time they would get closer too!

My second suggested gift is:
The board book Flip & Found 123, price of RM 33.90.

Useful description about the book:
More than 25 flaps make the pages fascinating for children to explore. Clues encourage children to hunt behind the flaps. Shaped flaps add variety and humor. A sparkling, colorful cover and bold design are perfect for young children
Age: 1 year and up "

WHY I CHOOSE THIS BOOK as a perfect gift:

1)Board book lasts longer..no fear to be torn by Hambali :p, and can be inherited to Hambali younger siblings (soon??) :p
2)At the age of 1, it's just nice and right time to start introducing Hambali to numbers and counting!

3)Colourful and flaps feature would ensure Hambali fall in love with this book, and hook to it
4)No doubt a fun way to teach Hambali counting 123!

~My 2 suggested books total price is RM65.20+RM33.90=RM99.10 --> PERFERCTLY within budget!!

~Oh yer...let's check out more info about the giveaway:

Simple Procedures :-

1. Log to this website MyToys&Book / (www.mytoysandbooks.com) & look under category Age Group 0-2 & also 2-4 years old
2. Choose one or more item as long as within the budget of RM 100.00 & below.
3. Leave your answer in this post at vis-a-vis by informing me your selection. Name of each item you have chosen must be in a correct name as what being advertised in the former website & don't forget to tell Why you choose that item for my boy, Hambali. Just choose, not to spend for it, he, he...
4. Provide details on full name, number of children & each child's age , location & your blog link. Send those details by email it to Hanz at thehoneybunch@gmail.com. Rest assured, I need these infos to customised your gifts if you are one of the lucky ones!
5. Spread around & promote this giveaway by putting up the logo
with title "Join This Giveaway" in your blog & make sure it is linkable to this Giveaway!
To help you on choosing, you might like to read my previous chat of this & that which is relevant to this Giveaway.
Tips:- Hang around here often as I will chat more on Hambali from time to time! (Wink!)


1. Open for Blogger Mothers only.
2. Only 1 entry per one Blogger Mother is valid.
3. This Giveaway is open from 15th June to 30th June, 2009 before 3pm.
4. Failure to follow the Simple Procedure & Prerequisites, will be resulted your entry automatically disqualified!
5. Final decision on all matters is subject of the rights of Charm Chameleon Chatterbox's Owner. Any correspondence or disputes will not be entertained.

Oh, I almost forgot! What's in it for you?

The Grand Prize Winner will receive :-
Coochee-Coo Ring Sling
Customised Book Gift from My Toys & Books
Mystery Gift from Charm Chameleon Chatterbox
***Additionally, 5 Consolation Prizes of Mystery Gift is up for grab!***
Update : Hint :- Mystery Gift is something to do with SHOPPING!!!

How to win?
The most creative & original reason cited on the selected item is the perfect gift for Hambali & closest to match Hambali's character would be the Lucky One!


~Happy 1st Birthday to Hambali!!!

~Thanks Hanz for organizing this fantastic giveaway!!
Psstt..I’ve added ur blog to my bloglist and become ur
follower (Chit-Chatters' Box Of Fame)too..

~Now time for me to pray to be selected as the Lucky Winner!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
1.50 pm
~home sweet home~

Big Eyes Pouch Sling GIVEAWAY

I came to know about this 'Big Eyes Pouch Sling GIVEAWAY' when I was doing some 'blogwalking'... my eyes are now beaming with smile...guess why??? simple becoz the prize for this giveaway is something that I 'desperately' need at this moment!!
I have been carrying my lil Ariff (now 2 months old) around (I bring him to my office everyday, as Ariff is yet to get any place at nursery), yes..carrying him around without using any sling...only my both hands as his carrier..huh..that's pretty tough, as he now weighs 5.4 kg!!

Let's check out about the Big Eyes Pouch Sling GIVEAWAY then...
Well, it is organized by a mother-cum biz-woman who are in biz of selling babywearing and handmade stuff like pouch sling, ring sling etc !! That's awesome...I always admire those who are biz-minded like Puan Shada -->the owner of Big Eyes Shop.

So, the Big Eyes Shop is giving away a unit of Pouch Sling sized XS (unpadded) to those joining their contest/giveaway.

Here are the rules : (copy paste from the blog)

" * Sila buat entry mengenai GIVEAWAY ini di blog anda.
* Sila tinggalkan komen dan sertakan URL anda, bagi memudahkan BigEyesShop menilai penyertaan anda.

* Add Big Eyes Shop di blogroll/bloglist anda.

* Sekiranya anda tidak mempunyai blog, anda boleh email ke bigeyesshop.shada@gmail.com agar dapat bersama-sama menyertai giveaway ini.

* Anda boleh menyertai lebih dari satu penyertaan.

* Dua pemenang akan dipilih secara random.

* Pemenang dibenarkan membuat pilihan memilih antara dua warna pouch sling yang disiarkan.

* Kepada mereka yang telah membeli barangan di Big Eyes Shop amat dialu-alukan menyertai giveaway ini, boleh serta kan gambar babywearing anda.

* Pemilihan adalah muktakmat.
* Tarikh tutup 30 Jun 2009.

* Keputusan akan diumumkan dengan segera setelah kami dapat mencari pemenang yang berjaya memenuhi syarat-syarat diatas.

* Jangan lepaskan peluang......Semoga berjaya."

To Puan Shada...good luck, all the best in ur biz!! If there is rezeki for me to win the Pouch Sling, I would definitely be the proud owner of the Pouch, cum a blessing for my lil Ariff... he would be happier to be carried around by his Mama in the Pouch Sling!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
11.55 am

Zhaneez-craft Giveaway :)

Well...lots of giveaways around..in parallel to mushrooming bloggers and e-biz...sooo nice :)

-->A creative biz...crafts!!!
Zhanees-Craft is having a lovely giveaway. It runs until 30 june --hurry up for those interested to join!!

Before checking out the rules, let's CHECK OUT THE PRIZES!!
Hooray!! The prizes are all soooo sweet & lovely!!

1. oreo hp strap
2. luv-vy keychain

3. coin purse

4. brooch

5. fridge magnet

So what's the rules?

Here is what I copy paste from the blog:

"1. copy gambar di atas (salah satu pn xpe) dan buat entry berkaitan giveaway ni pada blog atau pada mana2 tempat spt yg dinyatakan di atas.
2. buat link untuk blog zhaneez-craft ini dlm entry tersebut
3. setelah buat 2 syarat di atas, anda dapat 2 point..kiranya 2 kali nama anda akan dimasukkan dalam list cabutan4. anda perlu bg komen pada n3 ini. dgn tajuk: kenapa anda nk menang game ni. tak terhad pun jumlah komen tu.ehe.bagi yg tak buat 2 syarat di atas, masih boleh bg komen juga..cuma anda dapat 1 point je. bererti nama anda hanya dimasukkan sekali je dalam list nanti."

Simple rite!!
Oh yeah...if i were to choose among the listed prizes, I'd love to have the fridge magnet! (me being a fridge-magnet collector!)..but if could have all the 5 cute prizes, that's awesome *greedy mode lah plak..*

To Zhaneez-craft, all the best in ur creative thingy biz yer!! And a bunch of thanks for the giveaway!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
11.15 am

*KedaiChomel Giveaway*

Yess...another giveaway!!!!!!!! *over-excited mode

KedaiChomel (i love the name! soo CHOMEL!) is currently having a giveaway, which will end midnight of 5th July '09.

The prize is sooo tempting -->
Jusco Shopping Vouchers!! [gimme, gimme, gimme that vouchers :p me drooling oredi ]

So how to win these vouchers yer??

The unique feature of this giveaway is.....
-->no need to be KedaiChomel follower ,no voting system, no need to put KedaiChomel link in ur blog :)

  • You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above
  • After posting about the giveaway, come back here and leave a comment with the link to your blog about the post
  • The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a Jusco Shopping Voucher, and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
  • The winner will win Jusco Shopping Vouchers (included in the voucher booklet are free make over with Shiseido and RM50 Hush Puppies Voucher) and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho
  • the voucher are valid until 31st July 2009.
Best of luck to those entering this giveaway (including me!!!)
Can start praying now to win :) and many2 thanks to anas fadilah for this fabulous giveaway!!

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
10.30 am
~home sweet home~

Sunday 28 June 2009

Being a "bagholic"...

Yup, that's me...I love bags...ever since I was in campus years..those days..
and even now, the love has never changed, except that it grows stronger :p

So here is some of my latest bags that I have managed to get hold and being part of my bagssss collection :)

Yesss.. I have bought my first bag from Alicewonders.com...that was last week :) I was attracted to the colourful, floral design, and the bag is just nice to put in all my doxs!!

My other new bag ie a SLING BAG is the one I bought online from Gin&Jacqie website!! and that was 2 weeks ago :p I love this slingy as for me it is safer to carry it around, and of course I fell in love with the colorful, floral design too!!

My other beloved daily bag is Mother & Baby Tote Bag - Simple Dimple Brand (this one I won from a contest by Mother&Baby mag couple of months ago)..as I bring my lil Arif around, so is this bag lor..to put in his diapers, baby wear, wet-tissue and the like.

My other bag to put in my dox is the one in black colour, this one I got it for free being a member of Alamanda shopping centre ...well, the bag has been with me since I came back from UK last year..

And last but not least, AVENT thermal bag, this one I bought in Notts, cute in design, just nice to hold 2 bottles of milk, one for my lil Ariff and one bottle for my Zharfan too...

I might fall in love with some other bags again..emm..so long it is not too pricey then should be ok...after all the hardwork..that would be the lovely way of rewarding yourself ;)

Till then,
Mama Zhar-Riff
8.20 am
~home weet home~

Saturday 20 June 2009

MOBS & ALICE WONDERS : Giveaway Contest - Win a bag of your choice!

MOBS- Malaysian Online Baby Shops & Alice Wonders are currently having an exciting GIVEAWAY CONTEST !!!

-->Contest Period : 16th June till 23rd June 2009

So how to WIN the bag of your choice??
Here is the way:

"1. Leave a COMMENT with "Me need a bag because...."
2. Choose a bag from Alice Wonders website at http://www.alicewonders.com
3. Don't forget to include your email address

... simple 3-steps and you are in the run of winning your choice of bag !! :)
Simple right?"

Apparently this is my another attempt to win a bag from AliceWonders (so far no luck yet..huhuhu..)

Me need a bag because...HEYY COME ON! who doesn't need a FREE bag anyway!..and me being a 'bagholic', a bag means everything!!! -->EAT beg, DRINK bag, SLEEP bag.. plus a bag from AliceWonders is the '8th wonders' in the world (<--the world of a 'bagholic' like me!), last but not least, a bag is the perfect gift for my upcoming 5th wedding anniversary next month!!

The fun part...yess..choosing the bag of my dream from AliceWonders site..
None other than this........

YESS..it's Lovemarks Pink Patchwork Genuine Leather Sling Bag!!!
""Made from love..."

- Colors: Pink, Blue, Brown
- Design inspired by Coach-->AWESOME!
- Handmade from genuine leather patches-->FABULOUS!!
- Detachable and adjustable long sling strap-->GREAT!!
- Top zipped. Interior with 2 inner pockets--> PERFECT FOR A STYLISH ME!!
- Additional buttoned front pocket--> LOVELY ENOUGH!!!!"

Now me starting to dream winning the above pink sling bag...
OOO please MOBS & ALICEWONDERS make my dream comes true, forever I would be your loyal supporter, customer, die-hard fan too!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
11.45 am

HOORAYY!!!! Yesss..Me the Winner for "I Love Tupperware"

Thanks a zillion Mama Lieya for selecting me as the winner for the "I LOVE TUPPERWARE" Contest!!

Here is my copy and paste from Mama Lieya's blog..

"Tuesday, June 16
Selamat pagi semua..
Smoga semua sehat2 belaka..
pastinya peserta2 contest tak sabar untuk mengetahui siapakah pemenangnyer..
sebelum mama umumkan pemenang..
biarlah mama berkata2 seket..hehe kasik ucapan seket selaku penganjur dan penaja...

" contest ni 1st time mama anjurkan..so kalau ader salah dan silap mama mintak maaf dan ampun..bak kata orang..jauh perjalanan luas pandangan..ehh betul ke...related takk?? emm tak per laa..cuma nak bagitau bila kita dah try buat..baru kita tau aper yg boleh di perbaiki lagi..macam mama...kesilapan mama...mama buat contest masa weekend..bagi blogger yang tak der intenet kat rumah..tak berkesempatan nak masuk...pastu..pastu..ehh melalut pulak..banyak nih..tak per kita jadikan teladan...
so untuk 1st time..kira ok la..seb baik tak ramai contestant..
kalau tak..silap2 tak sempat kuar result hari ni..sebab daku sebok giler ngan aktiviti mengkey in markah students...so akhir kata..terimalah...DAN......pemenang nya ialah...."
dengan slogan...

“Saya suka brand Tupperware kerana…
kualitinya seiring dengan gaya, jenama terkemuka dulu kini dan selamanya, rekaan mempesona hati teruja!”



dan aksinya..



bagi yang tak menang....jgn kuciwa...rajin rajin jenguk blog ni yerk....ader masa dan rezeki...contest akan menjelma lagi...

p/s:pemenang tolong bagi nama and alamat untuk proses penghantaran hadiah....dan jangan lupa..wat entry pasal kemenangan ni di blog anda dan tinggal komen di entry ini....thanks..
email :dfarisya@gmail.com"

SOOOOO HAPPY to win, and now eagerly waiting for the PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks once again Mama Lieya!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
11.10 am

Thanks EOG for the sweet moments :)

EOG is currently running a contest, which is in appreciation of their clients and ex-clients. The prize is extremely fabulous -->1 (one ) canvas print of the size 16 x 24 inches!!

The contest requires the participants to share what have they done with the pics taken by EOG. Being one of the happy ex-clients of Eyes of Grace, let me then just try my luck...so here is my entry..

Well...My 'biz relation' with EOG started when I was introduced to Zubye thru my good friend, Ezna..
At that time, I was still in Nottingham, UK. Ezna had the EOG to photoshoot her daughter's 3rd bday party @McDonalds.
From there, without a second thought, I quickly booked EOG to capture all the sweet moments during my Zharfan's 3rd bday party at KFC Wangsa Maju in May 2008! Ever since. I'm one of the many regular fans cum visitors to EOG's blog/site to view all the pics collection!! Honestly, I really admire Zubye for all her passion, creativity and high quality of pics taken, so the charge/rate simply commensurates the quality of the pics.

So what did I do with all the pics taken by EOG then???

First, I uploaded all the pics into picasaweb, so that all my friends & relatives can view it. here is the link ~
I sent them email giving them the above link...I couldn't stop smiling when they complimented about the quality of the pics, nice shot etc...I even promoted EOG to them, giving them the link to EOG!

then, I selected some pics from the 3 cds (total 476 pics) to be printed. The purpose is to put them in the PHOTO FRAMES!!!I'm obsessed with collecting photo frames, as I love to display my pics in the lovely frames! In fact, these photo frames together with the pics (especially those taken by EOG) are a MUST decoration at home - almost at every corner of living room, kitchen, and most importantly in Zharfan's bedroom cum toys room. Not forgetting at my office too!

most of the photo frames I bought when I was in Nottingham (year 2007).. I found that the frame design is somehow sweet & unique - just nice to hold the lovely and high quality of the pics. Some of the printed pics (some were printed by Zubye as part of the photoshoot package), I placed them in a special album which is meant for my Zharfan birthday pics!

On top of that, the pics have been my desktop wallpaper on my pc office, pc at home as well as my laptop - I love changing the wallpaper pics from time to time, as I have more than 400 pics taken by EOG!!

Talking about the cds, all the 3 cds have been safely copied onto my pc office, pc at home as well as my laptop, so that I can view all the pics anytime I wish to...especially when I was under pressure, tense or feel bored in the office! Nothing is nicer than having a break by viewing all the pics again and again with a smile on my face!!

To Zubye, thanks from my heart for capturing the sweet moments of my Zharfan 3rd birthday...Insya Allah, I would need your great photoshoot service again in the future for my second boy - my lil Ariff!! May your biz prosper, keep up the good work and all the best yer Zubye!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
10.30 am


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