Sunday 31 January 2010

Button Planet 1st Year Birthday Giveaway

Button Planet is having its 1st year giveaway...which ends today!!

For detailed t&c, pls click HERE

RM20 Voucher awaits 3 lucky winners!!

-Mama Zharfan-

Wednesday 27 January 2010

One month...

It has been one month since we arrived here at Notts...

Alhamdulillah, we have managed to almost 99% settled down..we got a house, car, Zharfan enrolled to school, me started my study proper...except for one more thing...hubby is still looking for a part-time job here. Life is not as easy as in Msia where hubby got monthly income...hoping that hubby gonna start working soon, Insya Allah..

anyway, we do love staying here...for UK is pretty safer place to live, and groceries shopping is a lot cheaper compared to Msia...but on the other side, services are quite expensive here, like for a car to be repaired it is very2 expensive..and here we got to pay tv licence annually, which costs around GBP 150, and the car insurance is more expensive than the car price the gas/heater bill which is not cheap...phew..

anyway we do love car boot sale here...something that we can't find in Malaysia..babies/kids toys are plentiful and cheap of course, household deco/souveniers...etc

and here in UK, the things at is very wide range to choose from, and there's free stuff to collect at freecycle too!!

and me love Mothercare as well, the outlet is sooo big and spacious, variety of items to choose from for lil ones!! we have yet to 'visit' IKEA notts branch yet..gonna do that soon :p

staying in UK makes me a better housewife- in terms of cooking...i do cook everyday now..:p well, eating out is also possible here, but of course not all the times like we used to do in Msia ;)

~mama Zharfan~

Monday 25 January 2010

Contest - Saat Indah Itu

Mrs Zaidi is having the above on the banner or HERE for further info..

I'm here is my entry..

My wedding date : 16th July 2004
Spouse's name : Mr Rohisham
Our jewels of heart : Zharfan & Ariff

Answering contest question : Tarikh pernikahan Wana & Eddie : 24 Nov 2007

Here is our happy family pic..

My short love story..

well..we had our first date sometime in Feb 2004, and after series of dating (tapi tak de lah byk sgt pun), we decided that YESSS...we are destined for each we tied our knot 5 months after the first date!! pretty fast huh tak bertunang pun..but that is what people call 'JODOH'..

o yess...I fell in love with my hubby masa first date tu...but of course I kept it in my heart(takkan nak ckp pulak kan..) well..cupid's dart seems to beat to his heart too...he said he also fell in love with me the same time I felt that 'feeling' here we are...dah kawin 5 tahun lebih pun...

my hubby and my kids are the most special person in this world (other than my mom & dad)...coz he is my soul partner..and my kids complete my life..truly

hubby did sacrifice a lot...especially his career..first he resigned and cari keje near my workplace(leaving his good-paid-job right after we got married), and now hubby resign accompany me to study...a GREAT sacrifice which is not an easy one for a MAN I believe..

one more thing...hubby has been helping a lot with house work and chid care..I really appreciate what he has been doing for me...Thanks God for sending my hubby with all his love for me & kids..

last but not least..

this contest offers an attractive prize to ONE winner ie 2 days 1 nite stay at Seri Costa Hotel Malacca on Valentine day!! soooo romantic!!

Mama Zharfan

My Mydin Vouchers arrived!!

My sis @kampung informed me that Mydin vouchers that I won from Johnson&Johnson contest have arrived!!

Since I'm away, so the vouchers go off to my beloved mom, for her free shopping spree @Mydin!!

Love u Ma, unconditionally, 4eve!

~Suzi @ mama Zharfan~

Contest : My Little Helper

I'm joining the above contest by WanFida.

Details are available HERE

So here is the pic entry...

-->mommy's little helper at the kitchen - rajin anak mama tolong mama basuh pinggan...;) siap berdiri kat atas kerusi lagi tu--sbb sinki kan tinggi :p

My boy's name : Ahmad Zharfan Shah
Age : 4 years old

~Mama Zharfan~

Sunday 24 January 2010

'Saat Manis Si Manja'

Me joining the above my beloved buddy..Ummi Dania a.k.a Ezz :p

For details, pls click HERE!

Here is the pic entry ..

Title of the pic:
My lil Ariff in sun-glasses..ready for a fun-filled-FREE vacation with Mama @ Langkawi!!

My boy's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 9 months old


~Mama Zharfan~

Fitty's pinky rose cottage Giveaway

Fitty's pinky home cottage is having her first giveaway...specially for her homeland friends!

I'm joining the giveaway...simply because the prize is sooo lovely...

For details, click HERE!!

o yess...giveaway ends on 28th Jan, so hurry up!!

Mama Zharfan

Saturday 23 January 2010

"Your Best Vacation Moment Contest"

I'm joining the above contest by Mama Zara..check out the details of the contest HERE!

So here are my pics entry:

Location of vacation : Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman

Why it is my best vacation moment..

-->first time vacation with my beloved hubby (and kids of course) at Pulau Langkawi.

--> best and sweet moment coz I also asked and did bring along my Mom to join (...we lost my father June last I was hoping to make my Mom happy by bringing her for a vacation...)

--> this is the best vacation becoz it is a FREE one!! I won this vacation package from Johnson&Johnson contest (package covers air fare-Air asia, hotel -holiday villa, + rented car)..

--> I simply love Langkawi (personally, my 3rd time being there, dulu2 masa bujang went once, then went again when my late father was alive...)so this is my 3rd time being here..and...lots of things to see and to shop at Langkawi!!


~Mama Zharfan~


i'm joining the above contest organized by kamaliakalid's blog.

The detailed t&c is available HERE

And here are my pics entry..
My boys' name :
Ahmad Zharfan Shah (4 years old) and
Ahmad Ariff Shah (9 months old)


~Mama Zharfan~ Giveaway Special!

I know there are lotsssss of blog contest around, but me is too bz with my thesis and life here...but now trying to join one...well...the prize is sooo tempting...:p

yuppp... a baby sling awaits the LUCKY winner!

it is organized by lucky draw the lucky ones will walk away with the prizes!!!

for further details and t&c, pls click HERE!!

Mama Zharfan

Thursday 21 January 2010

My Gin&Jacqie bag arrived arrived yesterday...and funny coz i got 2 bags not in matching colours ie one in red and another one in purple..anyway, it's a gift=FREE, so not a big deal lah..

Thanks MBP for organizing the contest, and thanks Gin&Jacqie for being the sponsor ;)


Monday 18 January 2010

Weekend activities in Notts...yeah...we love WEEKENDS!!!

Spending weekend in Notts is somehow different from terms of actvities....

One of the top in the list of our FAV is---CAR BOOT SAL!E!!! yeah..we don't have that in yesterday, me and my family (together with Farizah's + Siti Omra-->all 3 cars inclu ours) went to car boot sale in Derby (about 15 miles from Notts)...well...that's aout first car boot car sale trip since we arrived ahere..simply because the weather has been pretty bad and awfully cold, and we had yet to buy car for the past few weekends here..

so what did i get from my first car boot sale 'visit'??
nothing much...few stuff for zharfan & ariff (toys, bedroom slippers), a duo stroller (fairly still ok to be used )..and few pieces of crystal souvenirs as well!!!

our other last weekend activities include - pick up a tv from a friend's hse (she' going bakc to msia for good), groceries shopping @Asda, and some household shopping @Collins-- that include small carpets for our living room ;)

my lil Ariff @ our small living room (see the pic of his toys that we bought from car boot sale ;)

-->this is the pic of our very" small living room..with the new small carpet, and a new tv- tomorrow baru dpt kabel/channel tv huhuhu-


Tuesday 12 January 2010

22 Bramcote Street

..Radford, Nottingham, NG7 3FB..

that's gonna be the location where our lil cozy home is located...for the next 9 months in UK...

let's layan some of the pics..

my boys at the small living room area..

my small kitchen---now I cook everyday!! a real record for myself :p

o yess.. the house is partly furnished ie sofa, bed, curtain, wardrobe, stove, come with the house...but of course i need (bought oredi) basics must-have items like electric jug kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner, portable heater, throw, duvet etc..
and we do our laundry at the laundry shop...£2 for washer and £1 for dryer for every time we do it :p

~mama zharfan~

Me one of the winners for Lady In Red GiveAway

so delighted to know that my pic entry has been selected the 2nd prize winner under the category paling sweet ;)

o yes...the result announcement's LINK

many2 thanks to the organizer!!


~mama Zharfan~

Saturday 9 January 2010

Snow @shopping at Asda

It was snowing...when we had our first mega shopping at ASDA (Hyson Green)last snows all over UK this we at Notts got snow almost every day :p..

This is the short video taken :p

p/s : ni pinjam internet at my jiran's hse jap (Mama Nufah) ;)

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Just a quick update...

The internet at our rented house would only be installed on 19th right is sooo dull without internet..(now using internet at the library) here is has been snowing since last the view is white and lovely all over the place (not to mention the freezing temperature and coldness...)

More updates and pics of our small cozy home..sooon....


Saturday 2 January 2010

" New Year Giveaway".

Orkedanza is having the above giveaway.

5 lucky winners would be selected..

o yess... if i were one of the lucky 5, i wish to win...
--> Marks & Spencer The Floral Collection Lavender Purse Gift Set

For details, click HERE!


~Mama Zharfan~

SweetLovelyShoppe Cutest Baby Photo Contest

Peringgit Marketing Enterprise (PME) is having the above contest, which runs till 20 jan.

me joining...
so here is the pic entry..

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 8 months old
Mommy's name : Suzi

For further details, pls click here.


~Mama Zharfan~

"Hello Kitty Giveaway"

Norisz is having the above giveaway!! It runs until 10 Jan.

The winner will be selected based on lucky draw.

I'm taking part (me one of Hello Kitty's fans ;). o yess...the details are available HERE!!

~Mama Zharfan~

Friday 1 January 2010

"CUTEST BABY 2009 CONTEST by Mama_Aqish" [sticky mode till 31st Dec]

Mama Aqish
is having the above contest.

Me joining...
so here is my pic entry..
Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 8 months old
DOB : 15/4/2009

o yess... the contest is generously sponsored by:

For detailed t&c, pls click here!


~Mama Zharfan~


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