Saturday, 31 July 2010

Contest Mrs.Teppei

me joining the above contest, due today.

details click HERE!

here is my pic entry..

why i choose this pic and why it is so special & meaningful??

this is one of my fav pic of me, hubby & lil Ariff
me sgt suka detik2 ni ie masa me kiss pipi my lil Ariff....and my lil cutie pie ni in happy mood, sibuk dok chew his teether :p
in fact everyday entah berapa puluh kali me kiss my baby's cheek....rasa bahagia sgt...a reflection of mother's natural love towards her own baby ;) 
masa pic ni di ambil, me & family tgh bergolek-golek bersuka ria bergelak ketawa kat tmn putrajaya, 
we all pakai sedondon kaler merah...
me framekan pic ni and letak kat atas my study table .setiap kali tgk rasa happy, heart-melting..and teringat kembali detik2 indah masa pic ni diambil ;)

GRAND giveaway : mamakuQis BIG giveaway

closing date : 31 july 2010, 11.59pm

me dreaming of winning THIS!!
by Braun Buffel Germany

mamakuQis famous cookies & services
to know is to love
tak kenal maka tak cinta..
jom berkenalan dgn mamakuQis famous cookies!
mamakuQis nama diberi 
Tahun 2007 mula beroperasi
Chocolate Chip All-nuts cookies itulah specialty
rangup dan lazat tidak terperi
sekali makan tak sedar dah habis sekotak - that's my testimony!

home-made product kelebihan istimewa
kualiti dijamin, harga berpatutan untuk semua
hasil usaha kreativiti usahawanita tempatan kebanggaan Malaysia
rasa setanding famos amos jangan tak percaya!

who's behind our fav famous cookies ni yer?
none other than Puan Hana Basri --siapakah dia?
 kecil molek manis orangnya
a working mama - she's an engineer beb!!profession seiring gaya
a businesswoman in the making, bertuah me mengenalinya 
a mother to kuqist cutie pie - puteri tunggal dah dua tahun usianya
a wife to kaka - suami tercinta hensem orangnya :)

and most importantly...
a dedicated blogger - i really admire your dedication and passion in blogging... cayalah beb!!

"life is short... you never knew when will it end. so do what you want to do instead of what you think you have to become. our journey has started and it will never end. that’s why hana.basri’s blog is a

so mahal tak mamakuQis ni?? jom check out their outrageous prices!!

RoundBox                                                                SquareBox

                         RM25/box (320g approx)                                           RM14/box (170g approx)


Special Request on packaging and cookie size are available
-->>definitely a LOTTT cheaper than famos amos beb!! 
here are some sample of CustomMade ORDER.....

5LilPack for a Birthday Party


SmallBox for sponsoring Events


LovelyGiftBasket for Corporate Customers


CookieMonster for a Birthday Bash


and many more!!

any review/testimony for its 5 star taste??
of course!!!!
click HERE
and HERE
"Biskut ni Aku tak tipu lah mmg sedap sangat - sangat tak rasa manis sgt dan rangup gile kacang gajus berketul - ketul .. siap ade coklat chip lagi , Serius SeDAp..."
and HERE! 
"best sgt2 cookies mamakuQis nie..

my bro ckp cam famous amos u...

mmg byk chocolate chips+kacang2 lagi.."
it's truly our proud Malaysian version of famos amos
mamakuQis famos cookies!!
mamakuQis blog classification
personally and honestly, mamakuQis blog is now one of my daily dosage!! 
tak percaya??? percayalah!!!
>>>>it's not on cookies entry alone...
all entries are full of sugar and spice and everything nice!!
 honestly, other than entries on mamakuQis BIG giveaway
being someone who has passion in travel, i'm hooked to surf entries on travel..hours and hours - those entries on travel really capture my heart!!
and of course, i love entries on baby, special Slot, beauty, fashion, shopping..
OMG the list goes on and on and on...:p
check out mamakuQis blog classification at journey.goes.on!!

mamakuQis "Share" button at some blog post
the bonus part, latest addition to mamakuQis blog is
S.H.A.R.E feature!!!

sharing is caring hohoho
the 'share' button can be seen in some special entries, for example
now just click on the 'share' button at some of the blog entries @mamakuQis
and taraa..
u are done!!!...the entry is now shared with ur frens and beloved ones!! 

mamakuQis FB fanpage 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and dun forget...mamakuQis is on FB too!!!
heyy..come on...everybody is on FB now...:p :p
i'm now one of mamakuQis many fans on FB -
a simple click 'like' and it's done!!! we are now frens on FB...gosh, making frens on FB is now super easy-peasy ...easier than ABC!!!
and all update on mamakuQis are all there on the FB!!
my favourite mamakuQis blog post
entry on Paris!!! I love both entries - part 1 and part 2..indeed!!
why!! coz i was the one who requested for it!! knowing that hana has been on Europe tour last year..:) :)
it is a perfect guide for me and those planning to visit Paris...
in fact i have printed out the entries..and after looking at the marvellous pics & the story, me jadi lagi super-excited to visit Paris soon..
my other fav is entries on qist - from honeymoon days, to conceive & born, to 1st year and to qist 1st bday...sukanya me baca rhyming entry tu..
with all the nice, cutest pics of lil  qist!!
it took 2 years
to have you with us
it took 2 years
to see your smile
it took 2 years
to appreciate the meaning
it took 2 years
to make us understand
to have you
is a challenge for us
to have you 
is a new light for us
to have you
is a rezeki for us
to have you 
makes us redha for the past
the feeling that i have
when i knew it was you inside
is never the same as before
the feeling that i have
when i knew u r growing inside
is a blessing that i have been waiting for
the feeling that i have
when i knew it will be you
is the most precious that i knew i dont want to lost it again
carrying you was easy
carrying you was great
carrying you was a miracle
carrying you was just fun
~ written by hana.basri ~
me rasa mcm nak nangis baca poem/rhyme tu...sbb agak touching esp the moment of waiting until qist was finally conceived..amd the day she was born...(me memang sensitif aka cengeng aka senang nangis bila baca benda2 melibatkan baby :) :p)
my slogan (not more than 31 words)
"i L.O.V.E reading simply becoz..."
variety of entries so inviting, 
  generous giveaways super exciting,  
thought-provoking postings that inspire,  
travel, beauty, fashion the ones I desire,    
dedicated working mom cum biz-woman I really admire! (total : 30 words)    
and...   this is only in addition - not the slogan yer hana..         I truly in love with ..

Friday, 30 July 2010

Contest: Miss Zahidah Holiday

me joining the above contest, due 31st july.

details click HERE!!

the question for the contest are:

1. Miss Zahidah berasal dari: __________________________.

2. Negeri yang pernah dilawati oleh Miss Zahidah ialah:

3. Negara yang pernah dilawati oleh Miss Zahidah ialah ____________________.

and here are my rhyimg answers to all the above questions:

Dari Malaysia Timur datangnya si puteri
Negerinya cantik menarik untuk dilawati
Pelbagai kaum, budaya, bahasa unik sekali
Kuching Sarawak asalnya Miss Zahidah yg comel lagi baik hati

Negeri di Malaysia banyak dijelajahi
Cuti-cuti Malaysia itu sudah pasti
Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, Sabah, Selangor ada ada lagi
Johor, Melaka, Penang wah sudah enam negeri yer berjaya dikunjungi

Melancong ke luar negara wah sungguh istimewa
Terbang ke Indonesia gembira tidak terkata
Bersama kawan-kawan Palapes keriangan dikongsi bersama
Pengalaman di negara orang memori indah sepanjang masa

Anna's Birthday Giveaway

me trying my luck in the above GA, due 10 Aug..psst..comel banner GA ni ;)

details click HERE!!

me nak tag :
Puan Bunga


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