Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The New You! Giveaway by TheHoneybunch

this entry is meant for the above Giveaway...

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The NEW thing that has happened to me..
that means so much to me..that has impact in my life...
that has changed my lifestyle in a positive way is...
none other than...

here is a story, indeed a true story...of...
Cooking and me. . .
Many decades ago in another time and place,
When I, a young girl in my own special space,
Learned math and science and a great love of books
But with mom, the expert cook at home, did I need to cook?

And then on to university, and friends oh so fine.
In the subject of law I always did shine.
But having a hostel cafe to provide me with meals,
Cooking and baking just had no appeal.

And then on to marriage , what would you guess,
Cooking was yet to be part of blissful quest,
Until last six months, I'm in a foreign country,
No more makcik stalls, restaurants or kedai mamak - that's all now history
And I found myself in a kitchen so small,
yet now I could amazingly stand in one place and take care of it all.
[my small kitchen]
For my children, the dear ones I love,
I provide them meals beyond and above.
[creamy mushroom soup]

I worked at good cooking all day and all night,
And accomplished a skill that was way out of sight.
[nasi ayam- nasi is invisible in this pic :p]

And so my hubby and kids they are in my heart my forever dear,
Enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with much cheer,
[English breakfast - simple, fast & yummy]

Almost all dishes I'm now confident to prepare,
And hubby proudly invites all his friends..makan2..now nothing to scare!
[mee soup]

Cooking is truly a reflection of my love
Spices, warmth and blessings all from above
[nasi beriani, ayam masak merah & kari daging]

Fire of life - that always makes my family yummiest feast
And sooth the soul of hungry cutey lil 'beast'
[kuih che mek molek]

YESS!Now I've no hesitation to say or shout it loud
For an artful chef in the making, far to proud
Cooking for family meal or writing my thesis,
Both are important, I can't miss
[nasi goreng & telur goreng mata kerbau - bekal hubby bwk pegi keje]

[note : all the above pics are my own pic collection of the food/meal that I have always been cooking in the last 6 month :)]

That ends the story of my NEW ME,
sharing it is a pleasure
Winning the Giveaway would be a moment to treasure!

being a NEW me ==I'M ALIVE!!! 
[me love this song so much..can lift my spirit and boost my confidence]

Prizes are generously sponsored by..

the new cooking mama,


Nur Sakinah Ahmad said...

wow!ntry ni mmg gor-jes!!gud luck!

Hanz Jamaludin said...

Salam Suzie! Noted with thanks! Good Luck! :)

P/S : Noted your points extra email as well.

Unknown said...

gud luck suzie...
kakyong bila la nak mengarang ni..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

suzz blk malaysia..jangan lupa ajak i ngan ezz rasa masakan u...sedapnya mushroom soup itu.. :)

Cik Lily Putih said...

congrats for hanz GA. creamy mushroom soup tu nampak cam sedap. nak resipi boleh?

adianiez AIDA said...

congrats menang GA ni.
sesungguhnya aida start masak for hubby & famili after anak ke2 masuk umur 10 bulan. before that 100% beli luar / makan luar saje. kesedaran tu bermula after tahu that banyak duit bleh save if masak.


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