Thursday 26 February 2009

Movie Time : Ong Bak2

Yesterday I had the chance to watch this movie with hubby at GSC 1Utama (just the 2 of us!!! kind of 'dating' again) - I sent my boy to nursery, since my hubby took a day off ;),after all, the movie is not meant for a child at my boy's tender age..

Well, actually, we watched the movie for free as I was using RAM Double Movie Passes which I won from a TV9 contest (Kuiz Filem @9)

Eventhough it is not my fav genre (my fav of course romantic comedy), but I would say it is a good action movie - packed with fighting scenes from the start till the end, with very minimal dialogue uttered (in Thai language -is it Tagalog?? emm)... there was also few touching scenes like when Tien's (the hero ie Tony Jaa) parents were brutally killed by the enemy in front of his eyes...sob..sob...

I would give the movie a 4 1/2 star rating!!

Well, a day before that, my younger brother and his wife went for preview screening of the movie "Seven Pounds" (lead actor Will Smith) at TGV was a free screening of course - a consolation prize of 4 tix that I won from InTrend magazine (Feb 09 issue - first time buying this mag & try to join its contests)...since I couldn't make it, I gave it to my brother, rather than wasting it anyway ;) According to him, the movie was not bad, but the plot was quite twisting and lil bit hard to understand..

I still have 3 open GSC movie passes to be utilized which will expire end of May (I won it from Kotex Ceria setiap bulan contest-December 08) purposely saving those passes for next movie - hopefully to watch my fav genre - emm..looking forward to watch 'Marley & Me' ;)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
1.10 pm
my cozy lil office

Wednesday 25 February 2009

To the Baby on the Way

Countdown for the arrival of my lil baby starts today – it is exactly 2 months from now before that BIG day arrives (the EDD –expected due date is 25th April 2009) – My boy Zharfan arrived exactly on the due date 4 years back…

Well, I’d say at this point of time, I have bought all the stuff as preparation for the new baby (based on a detailed shopping list ;); from the diapers, nappies, clothings, binders, bottles and teats, mosquito net, bibs, booties and mittens, blanket, hat, wet tissues, bouncer, stroller, carrier, baby car seat…it’s a very-very long list…but I have enjoyed every moment of shopping for my lil baby (I’m obsessed with shopping anyway ;)

This bouncer is couriered from Adelaide, Australia - a special gift from my sis, Hany :)

So for my baby in tummy, here is a poem for you, from us – Mama, Papa, Zharfan ;)
We’ll see you soon Insya Allah..

To the Baby on the Way

To the one we love so much,
we cannot wait to feel your touch.
To hear your laughs, to see your smiles,
will help us through the many miles.

We look at you so small and frail,
and hope as parents not to fail.
We'll try our best to do what's right,
to show our love and never fight

Our hearts will fill with many fears,
our eyes will fill with many tears,
as you grow through out the years,
and the diminishing time we spend together nears.

Though all of life will turn and bend,
our love for you will never end.
These words are written with our love,
to our blessing sent from above.

Love Mama , Papa & Zharfan

Original author: Amanda and Randy Hamlett [copyright 2004](

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
7.20 pm
home sweet home

Monday 23 February 2009

Finally...I got my voucher from Dear Nestle ;)

Yesss....I got it today (via registered post) delivered to my office address. Well, though the value is very2 nominal, but I have been eagerly waited for it...For me, to win something is alwayzzzz better than nothing ;)

Well, actually I won the RM50 Giant Voucher from Dear Nestle Invite Friends Campaign/Contest. I have been selected as one of the winners for Week 3 (the campaign lasted for 4 weeks).

Thanks Dear now can do my groceries shopping at Giant utilizing that voucher ;)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
7.45 pm
home sweet home

Sunday 22 February 2009

Food Review : IZZI

My family and I had a chance to try the food at Izzi Restaurant last weekend. We went to the Izzi new outlet in Jusco Setiawangsa for our lunch (well, the main aim is - I wanna utilize the RM50 voucher courtesy of majalah Aniqah's subscription).

When I browsed throu the menu, I discovered that the price list for all the food are very much affordable (a lot cheaper if we compare to Secret Recipe for instance). So we won't be fully utilised the RM50 unless we ordered some food for takeaway ;)

My hubby ordered squid+prawns tomyam, plus white rice, my Zharfan ordered nasi goreng belacan, but we requested not to put belacan for him, and I myself ordered spaghetti boloignaise (my fav). I also ordered a regular size Izzi pizza for takeaway.After a while, the waiter came to our table, apparently to inform that my spaghetti is no longer available/sold out for that day...emm...I was a lil bit frustrated, so I ordered Penang fried Kueyteaw, since I dunno what to eat already...

My tasteless fried char kuew teay Penang style

We don't have to wait long before our food arrived. My hubby's + Zharfan's food taste quite ok, but unfortunately mine is tasteless...I couldn't finish it, pity me...

My Zharfan's nasi goreng belacan (without belacan ;)

The take-away pizza.. well, again, I had to re-order the big size one, as the regular size was already finished/sold out for that day???again..emm...and when I brought the pizza home for my sister, brother and nephews, they commented that the taste is just so-so - can't compare with Domino or Pizza Hut of course..

All in all, my honest review for Izzi is that - the price is very much reasonable, but the the food taste definitely needs lots of improvement !!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.20 am
home sweet home

Saturday 21 February 2009

Second posting about Lil Caliph ;)

This is my second posting about The Lil Caliph online baby-mommy store ;)
The word 'Lil Caliph' itself always brings me back to the good memories when I joined their contest last year "CuteFam 2008 Contest". Even though I didn't manage to win the main prizes, but it cheered me up to win 3 daily prizes plus a consolation prize for being shortlisted as one of the semi-finalists.

This is the pic that qualified us as one of the semifinalists in Lil Caliph CuteFam 2008 Contest

The consolation prize is not that bad at all - it was a cute candy wall sticker 'Rad Racer' which is just nice for Zharfan's room deco. And Zharfan loves cars and other vehicles character sooo much...

The cars character (Rad Racer) as sticked on the wall of my Zharfan's room

Back to Lil Caliph, I'm thinking of buying from the site a pair of lil shoes which is currently on offer - the normal price is RM 89.90, but the discounted price is RM68!!! Shoes are always one of my obsession, so getting a pair for my newcoming lil baby wold be perfectly awesome!! In fact, this particular pair of Brown/Suede Numbers have always caught my attention every time I surf their website ;)
I wanna buy this..soon...;)

Now got to wait for my payday next week before I can proceed to order this cute lil shoes!! ;)

Thanks Lil Caliph for offering all those cute2 stuff for online shoppping - truly convenient for all mommies & mommies-to-be!

And not forgetting their contest which is still ongoing until the end of March 2009!! (All bloggers who joined this contest would share the same wish and hope to win definitely, including myself...Prayfully got rezeki for me and my family to win one of the prizes this time- it's soooo temptingggg!!)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.45 am
home sweet home

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Unforgettable stay at Avillion PD (14-15 Feb 2009)

We arrived there around 3.15 pm..just nice for checking-in. But the reception area was pretty crowded as there was a wedding ceremony going on that nite ('s Valentine day) the resort was packed with the guests for that event..

We were given the water chalet number 519-Goa. We have a rest in the chalet until 5 pm, then we went out.

We took the chance to have a stroll around the resort - the nature walk is simply refreshing and serene.

Then, we headed to the famous PD pasar malam - it's quite big - my feet ached because of the long walk. We bought some food for the dinner.
We had a good nite zzzzz as we were so exhausted..after all, we slept with the natural music of the sea + waves ;)

The next morning, we had a delectable breakfast at the Village, and after that we spent the whole morning having fun at the pool (forgetting a while about my big tummy ;)
We checked out at 11 am, dropping by at the Muzium Tentera before we headed home.

Things I LOVE MOST about Avillion PD:-

1) Its water chalet definitely..

2) Its complimentary mini toiletry set 'VALOUR' which is organic and botanical - the smell is very2 natural and refreshing

3) Open roof top shower + its spacious bathroom
4) Peacocks roaming freely on the resort compound, including near the pool ;)

5) Scenic landscape (Balinese concept) & its NATURE WALK - that includes pet-farm/mini-zoo, herbs garden, orchid hut, bullock cart.

6) It's unique dustbin & water container (sort of like'tempayan') to refresh your feet

7) Yummy breakfast at the Village, which is located just next to the swimming pool

8) Slides for kids at the kids pool - Zharfan loves it very2 much ;)

Things which is slightly unpleasant there:
1) Limited car park near by, so the additional car park is located quite a distance away and across the busy main road!
2) The water chalet is located quite a distance from the reception lobby - we were struggling to find our chalet after the checking-in...

I have uploaded most of the pics taken there at picasaweb ;)
All in all, the resort are simply marvellous for both honeymooners who wanna have romantic vacation, as well as for those family with kids..

If there are opportunities in the future, YESSS..we'd love to be there again...

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.40 am

Sunday 15 February 2009

My lil pride & joy in 3D image

On Saturday morning, I went to Klinik Keluarga Greenwood for ultrasound-3D scan appointment of my lil baby in tummy.

The feeling of seeing my lil pride and joy that is now alive in my tummy is simply indescribable...Thanks to the inventor of this technology ie 3D scanner..
His lil nose, lil mouth, lil hands , all limbs are all very2 clear and real!! And it's a relief to see him not in breech position anymore ;) Alhamdulillah..

Now I can't wait to see my lil baby when he is born soon...C U my boy!!And my Zharfan is as excited as me to meet up his lil brother soon - he keeps on asking me, when his lil brother is coming out from my tummy ;)..

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.30 pm
home sweet home

Friday 13 February 2009

Another winning with SMILEEE!!!

I was doing my nite-surfing of emenang forum as usual when I saw the posting about the result for the Star Valentine's Smile Contest Winners... since I submitted few entries under my name and and few entries under my hubby's name, so I quickly check the link - curiously of course- to see the result, not hoping much anyway, as I bet there are so many otai and sifu compers joining this one...and I never won anything from the Star contest before...

TARAAAA... Alhamdulillah! My hubby's name won one of the 16 consolation prizes! The prizes are RM300 cash money and Natio product hamper worth RM300. Thanks God, Alhamdulillah for your blessings... So I'll be sleeping with a smiling, grinning face tonite ;)

Well... it's gonna be a memorable Valentine this year, on top of winning this contest, tomorrow afternoon I'll be off to PD to have a vacation there...and I'll be posting about it soon...definitely..Insya Allah...

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.45 pm
home sweet home

Thursday 12 February 2009

Fun-filled vacation at Afamosa Resort

Last weekend, Zharfan, my hubby and I spent a nite at Afamosa Resort, Air Keroh, Melaka (in conjunction with Thaipusam holiday). Actually, this is our second time being there- the first one was 2 years back, when we were there to celebrate Zharfan's second birthday.

Well, since this is our second visit already, so I have planned the short vacation carefully, so that we would not miss any of the attractions available there. We departed from our home right after breakfast, so when we arrived there, we straight away went to roam in the Safari - so we managed to catch the elephant show, bumpy and windy safari truck ride in the safari, raft riding to monkey island, pony ride, and wild wild west show. We had our lunch at the food court in the safari - a nasi ayam + canned iced lemon tea combo cost us RM12 per pax...and a 500ml bottle of cold mineral water is sold at RM3 - since the day was sunny and hot, we got no choice other than to buy minreal water few times...huh..

Posing after elephant show

In the safari truck for safari tour

Zharfan is excited to see zebra in the safari

raft riding heading to monkey island

pony ride

We left Safari at 3.30 pm, and drove to the resort hotel for checking-in. The room is spacious and just nice for the money we paid (well, it costs RM162 from the online booking - We had another plan for the afternoon, so I let Zharfan to have a nap for one hour, so that he would have enough energy for the next activities,...

At 5.30 pm, we entered the Waterworld (which is located just next to the Safari)...well, the Waterworld is just nice (much bigger than wetworld shah alam, but smaller than sunway lagoon definitely)...since it is already late afternoon, it was not too crowded, compared to the morning crowd. Since my tummy is kind of very2 BIG now, so I didn't join the waterplay, so I spent the time snapping pics of my hubby and Zharfan - Zharfan simply loves he really enjoyed himself at the Waterworld.. BUT other than the fun..there was also a disgusting, unpleasant incident happened to us...somebody has mistakenly (I assumed) taken or stole it perhaps? the plastic bag in which I put Zharfan's new swimsuit - it occured near the changing room...I was upset, and Zharfan too of course, as the Tom&Jerry swimsuit is the new one, this is the first time my boy wearing it - I just bought it few days before our afamosa trip..pity my boy, and I put the blame on me for being lil careless while keeping on eye of our belongings...

At the WaterWorld

From the Waterworld, we headed to the cowboytown/carnival, as this is the highlight of the resort for the nite activities. All of us were starving, so we had our dinner at the Kopitiam in the cowboytown. This time, a plate of fried rice costs us RM 12, and a canned drink costs another RM3.50. My hubby commented that the dinner is so yummy (though lil bit expensive to us), well, that is beacuse we were very2 hungry!!
We watched the performance and parade during the carnival show, which includes red-indian show, animal show etc, ending with fireworks show. Zharfan also had 2 rounds kiddie car ride, at the children outdoor mini themepark before we went back to our hotel room and reached there around 11.30 pm!

The breakfast which comes with the room rate/package was as expected - last time we were surprised to learn that it was a set breakfast(a choice of a plate of nasi lemak, or western set ie sausage+bread, or oriental set ie porridge) rather than a buffet style one. Since this is our second experience, so we just enjoyed our nasi lemak without much complaint, though if I were to rate it, we would give it a thumb-down -->the overall food in the resort is very2 much below expectation (less than 2 star food rating..)

After the breakfast, we went to the recreation and sports centre - my hubby and Zharfan were excited to have their first go-kart driving experience - I also joined for the first two laps..well, the go-kart costs us RM50 for 3 laps.

Since Zharfan has yet to have anything for his breakfast, we dropped by at the cafe lounge near the hotel lobby. Zharfan had a slice of sponge choc cake (which is priced at RM7) and a canned drink (iced lemon tea- RM5!!!)emm, that's the standard hotel rate for the drinks anyway.. Then, we proceeded to check out (around 11 am)..

Before reaching home, we dropped by at Carrefour Wangsa Maju to buy a new swim suit for Zharfan to replace the lost one...

Well, the overall experience in Afamosa is fun, enjoyable, memorable (minus the sour experience of the missing swim suit)..

;)I have uploaded all the pics taken at afamosa at picasaweb album

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.15 pm
home sweet home


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