Saturday 31 December 2022

July - Dec 2022

~for personal record & reference only~


(1) 5/7- menang GP contest salonpas hisamitsu, hadiah airpods (nama my adik), collected on 7/7

(2) 6/7 - dpt conso contest J&J, hadiah set lego (nama sil), dh selamat terima hadiahnya on 26/7/22

(3) 8/7- nama mr hubby dpt conso contest daia (exclusive prize @giant), hadiah habib gold coin, received 15/7/22

(4) 9/7 - nama MZ memang weekly prize contest unilever @village grocer, hadiah vou grab food RM200 dan vou VG RM100, dh selamat terima in 19/8/22

(5) 13/7 - MZ menang contest polident @watsons, hadiah vou pohkong RM1k, received on 16/7/22

(6) 19/7 - nama my adik menang gp contest biore, dh selamat collect hadiahnya on 22/7/22
(7) menang contest ellgy plus, dpt dining voucher 2x, dh selamat terima pun vouchernya,nak kena redeem by oct 2022

(8) 21/7 - nama my adik menang contest hada labo (noti via wasup), katanya hadiah diamond (pendant  mcm dlm pic promo contest tu)--dh selamat collect kat habib alpha angle on 7/9/22

(9) 27/7-menang contest gemilang raya whoops (nama niece F) hadiahnya sephora gift card RM500, selamat terima on 30/8/22

(10) 28/7- menang conso contest kotex guardian, hadiah christyNg gift card RM100, dh selamat terima code gift card tu via wasup/email on 7/9/22, sepantas kilat MZ terus redeem haahhah


(1) Telur aug pecah awal ie on 3/8-menang conso contest total image @watsons--hadiah watsons vou rm50, dh selamat terima in 18/8/22

(2) 3/8 - nama my niece-F and my nephew-Am menang contest colgate @watsons, dpt e-voucher (dh terima) RM100x2

(3) 17/8-nama MZ and mr hubby shortlisted utk contest Armor All, so dh post out resit poslaju on 18/8/22, then dh kuar result kat FB on 30/9/22, dpt ler 2x cap, received 5/10/22

(4) 23/8 - terima conso hadiah contest ginvera (nama sil), then baru noticed result dh released kat FB on 26/7/22

(5) 23/8-menang conso contest kotex herbal @guardian, hadiah vou RM50, received 28/10/22

(6) 26/8-menang conso contest softlan @econsave (nama sil), hadiah vou RM100, dh selamat terima on 1/12/22

(7) 30/8- hadiah penutup ogos, nama MZ sangkut conso contest derma angel @watsons, dpt tng ewallet RM50


(1) telur september pecah on 9/9 ie tarikh yg sgt cantik...dpt 2x conso prize utk contest tresemme @watsons (nama sil and niece)--hadiahnya starbucks gift card worth RM50 each, received on 27/9/22

(2) 13/9- nama mr hubby menang contest masterfood @village grocer, dpt hadiah lunchbox (electric), received on 24/9/22

(3) 21/9- menang contest MegRhythm @watsons, hadiah air purifier, dh selemat collect on 23/9/22

(4) 22/9- sangkut conso contest salonpas @guardian (nama niece -Y), hadiah tng ewallet RM50 (received)

(5) 26/9-menang conso contest kotex @giant, hadiah vou RM50, received 19/10/22

(6) 26/9- nama mr hubby dpt weekly prize contest spritzer @mynews, hadiah credit value RM30 in mynews apps, received 10/10/22

(7) 27/9-nama mr hubby sangkut as one of winners contest kellogs, dpt 2 pcs tickets genting, received 11/10/22


(1) 7/10- telur oktober akhirnya pecah dgn kemenangan yg manis...nama MZ menang contest tresemme @guardian, dpt hadiah gift card ikea RM1k, selamat terima on 9/12/22

(2) 7/10- menang conso contest P&G @giant (nama niece H), hadiah tng ewallet RM30 (balik modal pop heheh), dh selamat terima on 21/10/22

(3) 7/10 - menang conso romano watsons, hadiah tng ewallet RM50 (nama nephew) - dh selamat terima on 17/10/22

(4) 25/10 - menang conso contest safi perfect white watsons, hadiah tng ewallet RM100 (nama my sis H), safely received on 9/1/23

(5) 26/10 - nama mr hubby menang contest emborg, weekly prize, hadiah vou aeon RM200, dh selamat terima on 4/11/22

(6) 28/10- nama mr hubby menang 2nd prize contest listerine guardian, hadiah dinner for 2 pax kat kl tower, dh selamat ber dinner berdua on 26/11/22


(1) 1/11 - nama MZ menang conso contest yeelee @giant, hadiah vou RM30, dh selamat terima on 10/11/22

(2) 4/11 - nama MZ menang conso contest colavita (sangla food), hadiah tng ewallet RM100, received 10/11/22

(3) 6/11 - menang prego weekly, hadiah RM100 tng ewallet, dh dpt on 17/11/22

(4) 8/11- menang conso contest ceradan, hadiah hamper value RM80, dh selamat terima on 22/11/22
(5) 9/11- menang contest softlan @Village Grocer (nama my nephew Am) conso prize hadiah grab vou RM50, dh selamat terima

(6) 11/11 - menang contest glo @aeon, nama sil, hadiah philips induction cooker, dh selamat terima on 30/11/22

(7) 24/11 - shortlist utk contest nutella, dh post out resit via poslaju on 25/11/22, dh selamat terima e-code shopee tu on 22/12/22 (MZ guna utk beli gold bar habib 1gm top up RM30+)

(8) 29/11 - menang contest ellgy @watsons (nama sil), hadiah set tupperware breeze, dh selamat terima set purple yg cute tu  on 7/12/22
(9) 30/11 - received call from scotts @lotus, and 2/12 gave address to PIC, dh selamat terima vou on 15/12/22


(1) 2/12 - menang 2nd prize contest mydebit @lotus, hadiah samsung galaxy tab S8

(2) 3/12 - menang conso contest bad lab @econsave (nama sil), hadiah  vou RM50, dh selamat terima vou nya via courier gdex on 2/2/23

(3) 5/12 - nama MZ sangkut conso contest shriro @aeon, hadiah vou RM50, dh selamat terima on 13/12/22

(4) 6/12 - menang conso contest softlan intense @giant (nama niece AA), hadiah vou RM100, dh selamat terima on 17/12/22

(5) 12/12- menang contest librese @watsons, dpt e-vou rm50x2, dh selamat terima ;)

(6) 19/12 -  menang conso contest rexona, hadiah farah ann gift box worth RM500, dh selamat collect on 12/1/23

(7) 30/12-nama MZ menang conso contest fresh n white, dpt tng ewallet RM50 (received on 17/1/23), nama mr hubby pun dpy conso jugak (@watsons), dh dpt evou RM50 on 19/1/23


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