Friday 31 July 2009


Cik As @ Tote Boutique is currently having an exciting giveaway...
and the prize is..
yup! very enticing and super lovely ;)

How to join? Very easy..Let's check it out!
"1. Beri komen tentang bag nih .. cute ker, tak cute ker, ribbon tak sesuai ke & macam2 lagi
-->My comment: The bag is soooo sweet & being a bag's in my fav colour & design, plus I love the floral pattern and the ribbon too!!! To sum up...I wanna win this BAG!!!

2. lepas tu buat entry dan ruar2kan tentang giveaway nih
--> now doing ni...hehehe

3. beritahu saya link anda tentang Giveaway ini

4. pemilihan RANDOM ORG lah kan .. macam biasa"
-->this is the toughest part, since no luck yet with this MrRandomOrg...who knows, got better luck and rezeki for me this time...Amiin...

So to Cik As @ ToteBoutique, thanks for having the giveaway!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
11.20 am
~my cozy office~

Friday 24 July 2009

~ Romantic Get-Away Contest ~

Ummi Khayra is having the above contest in conjunction with her upcoming 2nd wedding anniversary on 26th August. The contest runs from 15th July - 15th August.

The t&c is as follows:

"1. Buat satu entry khas untuk pertandingan ni.

2. Upload gambar berkenaan tempat menarik dan romantik bersama suami atau keluarga masing-masing dan sertakan detail berikut:
i. Nama tempat:
ii. Pergi dengan siapa:
iii. Kenapa tempat tu dipilih:
iv. Pengalaman menarik/romantik:
3. Tempekkan logo contest di bawah di blog anda dan linkkan ke blog ni. 4. Letakkan link sponsor ( ) untuk contest ini.

5. Akhir sekali, letakkan link entry anda di komen entry ini. Mudah kan? :)

Pemenang akan di pilih berdasarkan pengalaman yang paling menarik/paling romantik yang dapat membuatkan juri a.k.a encik suami terasa nak pegi untuk sambut anniversary kami. Saya tak boleh jadi juri... :P

Dua pemenang akan di pilih oleh juri. Keputusan hakim adalah muktamad.

Hadiah untuk contest ini di taja sepenuhnya oleh, One Drop Fragrance Shoppe."

Since cuti-cuti Msia is one of my fav, MUST-DO activity every year (few times a year actually) let me just try my luck to join this contest, at the same time sharing my lovely experience of some romantic vacations that I had so far ;)

Here is my entry:

1st destination-->

i. Nama tempat: Fraser Hills; specifically Smoke House Resort

ii. Pergi dengan siapa: my hubby

iii. Kenapa tempat tu dipilih: my honeymoon destination(August 2004)

iv. Pengalaman menarik/romantik:

Cool hilly vacation, perfect for honeymooners or couples who fancy highlands vacation. We stayed at Smoke House hotel, on the reason that it is English style hotel – so ala2 overseas vacation lor..the hotel interior decoration is impressively in English style! The room that we stayed was large & spacious, and the English breakfast (that includes with room package) are heavenly delectable!!! (me drooling recalling the yummy scones!)

Some romantic activities that we did together – lots of photo taking – using the digicam timer function coz no photographer –riding, bird-watching, mandi-manda at the nearby waterfall , lots sight-seeing as the weather is so conducive & lovely<--cool, fresh air!! The best activity is none other than – YUP doing nothing/lazying ie bermalas-malasan lor..FULL RELAXATION

2nd destination-->

i. Nama tempat: Water Chalet, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

ii. Pergi dengan siapa: 3 times in total so far....1st time with my sis &her family to celebrate my birthday, 2nd time with my hubby , 3rd time with my younger brother and sister.

iii. Kenapa tempat tu dipilih: when I went there for 2nd time, it was for my honeymoon (July 2004), just after the wedding --> We went to few destinations for our honeymoon actually

iv. Pengalaman menarik/romantik :

The water chalet at Bukit Merah Laketown resort is superb!! I would give 5 star rating for the magnificent room, courteous staff, special buggy service for guests staying at the Water Chalet. Romantic activities here include sunset cruise (on a rented private boat). The buffet breakfast that we had was also heavenly sumptuous – the floating café which is attached to the water chalet is marvelous, the ambience and setting gave us the romantic mood too!

Other activities that couples and families would find enjoyable – boat ride on the large lake, visit to Orang Utan island cum sanctuary, sight-seeing at the zoo, riding chair lift, duck feeding, waterplay at the waterpark etc.

The other plus factor of Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is it is located very2 near to the highway, ie very short distance after we exit the highway!

3rd destination-->

i. Nama tempat: Port Dickson – specifically :

1) Water Chalet Avillion Port Dickson, and

2) Eagle Ranch Resort

ii. Pergi dengan siapa: my hubby and my boy Zharfan

iii. Kenapa tempat tu dipilih: weekend gateway cuti-cuti Malaysia lor

iv. Pengalaman menarik/romantic:

Water Chalet Avillion PD is another fantastic, romantic vacation for honeymooners or couple – the chalet is heavenly cozy and luxurious (if u can afford to pay for the suite)..we stayed in the deluxe water chalet – I was mesmerized by the way the room is decorated and furnished…to sleep at the water chalet is like floating on the wave – the experience of staying there is simply marvelous!! The landscape of the chalet is equally scenic & wonderful<-- perfect if u love taking photos (like me lor…) I have posted a detail story in my previous entry (Feb 2009)

Another unique place for holiday in PD is Eagle Ranch Resort. Simply perfect for couple who are adventurous and enjoy doing activities such as horse-riding, boating, canoeing and the like. The resort is unique as it is based on cowboy theme – we were staying in Teppe! Sort of red-indian tent, but of course it’s a room, with aircond and tv. We did spend time for horse-cart riding. And the plus factor is, Teppee is very much affordable in rate ie RM99 per nite for weekend, if weekday RM80 only!!!

4th destination-->

i.Nama tempat: Pangkor Island

ii. Pergi dengan siapa: my hubby and my boy Zharfan

iii. Kenapa tempat tu dipilih: to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary

iv. Pengalaman menarik/romantic :

Ferry ride from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island is an enjoyable experience. We stayed at Pangkor Island Beach Resort, in the Pacific Wing room. The room deco and furnishing is wonderful. From our room balcony, we can see sea, swimming pool, and many hornbills on trees (the resort staff feeds the hornbills regularly, so the hornbills keep on coming to the resort creating a lovely scene)

The romantic activity was, we had our dinner at the Hornbill Café which is located just next to the beach…and we enjoyed the sea-breeze sunset while having our anniversary dinner!! So romantic (though less romantic as we had to entertain our lil Zharfan lor)

Other romantic activities is strolling on the beach, main pasir, running on the seaside, and we laughed and really enjoyed ourselves riding on the swing that we found on the beach near the resort!

To the judge cum En Suami to Ummi Khayra, sudi2kan pilih one of the above destinations yer – based on type of activities that u fancy of doing and based on ur budget too! Water Chalet (Bukit Merah & Avillion PD) would definitely cost more, but the stay is gonna be memorable that’s for sure!

And to Ummi Khayra & hubby, Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!!!! and thanks for the give-away yer!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
6.30 pm
home sweet home

Thursday 23 July 2009


Today I received some goodies from my blogger friends (via contest organized by them)...
Yess... I got a lovely Anna Sui purse from Bettyone...and a recycle-green earth shopping bag plus voucher to shop at online store -->toys&books voucher from Hanz!! Thanks guys..muah ;)

Yesterday I went to collect my parcel from the office of Sure-Reach courier company in PJ. Nothing much- just conso cum redemption from previous Dutch Lady contest (Peraduan Dwi Ganjaran Dtuch Lady).. this is my 2nd redemption ie tupperware/'whatever-ware' and a t-shirt. My first redemption which has arrived long time ago was a bath towel and a photo frame.

Still praying for more luck to win bigger (like my buddy comper ayuarjuna ;) and her friend who has just won a whopping RM4K habib jewel voucher...they are really master-comper!!)

So bz lately with my thesis not much time to do blog updating or joining blog-based contest..aiseyyy...

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
10.25 pm
home sweet home

Monday 20 July 2009

My DIAPER CAKE has arrived!!! reached me this morning...via pos parcel (Pos Msia)...
so excited to get hold of this cute diaper cake! it comes in a lovely box...

Let's check it out....

Marvelleous, isn't it??!!
I feel so lucky to win this lovely stuff, so grateful to Zar @ mysunshine2u for choosing me as one of the Grand Prize Winners. Cute gift from mysunshine2u for my lil sunshine-->Ariff!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
10.30 pm
home sweet home

Giveaway by Kalicat Jewelry - Gorgeous Blum Sterling Silver Ring

Kalicat all the way from London, United Kingdom is offering a great giveaway!

Simply visit Kalicat's etsy store. Check it out! She is offering one lucky winner to this contest one beautiful handmade stackable sterling silver ring called "Blum". They come in either shiny silver or a darkened version. See the image below. These are simply adorable!

So how to enter this contest?
-->It is open to World Wide Entries!<--this is the best all my dear Malaysian mommy bloggers (including me) can try their luck!!

PLEASE NOTE: Each entry must be posted separately to count. "

1. For one entry please go to Kalicats Etsy shop and check it out. Come back here to my blog and post a comment on your favorite thing from the shop. Also, please be sure to leave your email address so I can notify you if you are a winner.

2. For a 2nd entry if you would like..follow my blog, or link back to my blog, or blog about this great giveaway! ( You can post this entry if you already follow my blog or link to it. Please post the url link if you blog about this giveaway.)

3. For a 3rd entry ..follow me on Facebook. I am on Facebook. Okay it needs some help..but getting some more followers there will allow me to have my blog on there too, and inspire me to keep that going.

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 12:00 Midnight PST. A winner will be chosen randomly using We will disclose the winner on, Thursday July 30, 2009 here on this blog post."

-->me not having luck so far with this Mr
praying for better luck this time :)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
10.20 pm
~home sweet home~

Good news on Monday morning <-- yayy!! me won Bettyone Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest

I was in the office, doing my morning routine -->checking emails, visit regular sites and blogs, before start working on my thesis....and yepp..noticing that Mama Tisya has dropped a comment at my shoutbox--> that I won the Bettyone Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest!!! What a sweet suprise on Monday morning - good motivation for me to work harder and faster for this whole week!!

So here is my copy paste from Bettyone blog:

: : Winners of Winners : :

Announcing the lucky winners for the most favourite Funny Birthday Moment Photo Contest picked by the all-star judges. Jeng...jeng...jeng...



*it is not your photo?*
*scroll for the 2'nd winner!*


*still, it is not yours?*
*better luck next time, good luck!*

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! A big THANK YOU to all participants. SORRY for any inconvenience caused. (those yg kurang bernasib baik tu..cuba lagik next

P/S: Winners are advised to email their details to for the ease of prize delivery:)
[+] Name
[+] Address
[+] Handphone Number

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.40 am
~my cozy lil office~

Saturday 18 July 2009

EzReeFa 1st GiveAway!!

ezReeFa is having the very first giveaway!!! it runs until 24th July 2009, and the prize is sooooo tempting!!!

yup! kek lapis sarawak worth RM75!plus the winner would have the privilege to choose the flavour too!

So how to join? Very simple & easy...

"1. tuLis kat komen nape koruNk nk menang??pastikankomen koruNk akaN terUs Link kat bLog koruNk yerk...
2.Letakkan pic kek Lapiz yg sedaP ini kt dLm posT koruNk..

3.komen kat mana2 posT akuh sekurang-kurangnya 3 komen kat mana2 [Tp kene menTioN kaT shOut box yg koruNk koMen kaT maner k...]"

So here is my entry..

Why I wanna win this kek lapis / layer cake?

"I fell in love with it at the very first bite,
delicious, delectable, full of delight;

Eating it always brings me back to my college years,

where life is full of joys, merriment and cheers!

The truth is, layer cake is one of the not-so-many-favourite-things-in-common that I share with my dear hubby,
Yepp, seriously<--funny but true,
winning this layer cake is a pleasure for me,
and a sweet surprise for him too!"

Last but not least, many2 thanks to ezReeFa for this yummy giveaway!!
Me praying for rezeki to eat this special kek lapis <--juadah menyambut ramadhan / pre-hari raya ;)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
1.30 pm
~home sweet home~

A contest by ibu addinnasa --> Share your story & this might BE yours!

Ibu Addinnasa is having a giveaway, offering Crabtree & Evelyn products as the prize for 3 winners. Me being the fan of this brand of product, would surely be in as one of the contestants :)

Let's check out the prizes<--always the best part!! :
3 kotak sabun 100g Rosewater!!!

Yupp...all Crabtree & Evelyn products are lovely - the pink colour, the roses pic on the box and the fragrant rose's awesome!!! (in fact I use this Crabtree & Evelyn rosewater mist body spray everyday after shower), but never buy the bar soap, which is definitely pleasant!! and much lovelier if I could win this soap from this contest ;)

And the rules:

1.Anda cuma perlu ceritakan pengalaman anda semasa melahirkan anak sulung anda. Buatkan satu post khas mengenainya dan tidak kurang dari 48 patah perkataan.

2.Ceritakan tentang hadiah ini di blog anda,

3.Tinggalkan komen di sini beserta dengan link tentang post anda.

And the due date is 25th July, winners announced on 30th July...

So here is my entry cum story for the above contest!


Once upon a time….there lived a lady, who got married and….

There goes my story…

I conceived a month after my wedding. The due date for me to give birth (EDD) was 24th May 2005. Well, there’s always first time for everything – first day at school, first date, ‘first nite’.. and that includes first time giving birth! All expecting mothers (including me) are scared stiff by the thought of giving birth, even those who don´t admit it, I´m sure!

I took 3 weeks annual leave before the date of EDD, for the fear that most people say that it’s normal for an expecting mom to give birth 2 weeks earlier than the EDD...simply on the reason that I had always wanted to give birth at my hometown with my mom beside me…3 weeks was pretty-long-wait, especially if the waiting is to give birth --> for the first time ever in life!!

Day in day out, nothing happens, my tummy got bigger, and me moving around got slower--> me feeling like as large as an elephant, movable like a ninety five years old!! Finally….in the late afternoon 23rd May 2005, there’s a ‘show’ <--lil blood + lil mucus on my pants. I screamed in panic, quickly and with full of suspense told my mom, who just assured me not to panic as it might take hours and hours for my servic to dilate fully.

At around 6 pm, my mom & my dad (my dad was alive then..) took me to my elder brother’s house which is located about less than 10-minute-drive to the hospital (Kota Bharu Medical Centre-KBMC). My brother advised me to have something to eat before we went to KBMC, so that I would have enough energy to push lor…So guess what did I eat? Yepp…I managed to finish a pack of fried mee (my fav ;) <--that’s a heavy meal!!

At around 9 pm, I was admitted to the ward, no contraction yet actually, So I was put on drip, to assist in faster servic dilation/opening. With the drip on my left hand, I started to feel the contraction, which got intense soon after. I decided not to take epidural, though I have the chance to take it…sounds like me brave enough to endure the normal birth and all its accompanying pains!! I didn’t understand myself for declining epidural, but one thing for sure, I just wanna feel and experience the normal birth without the epidural…sounds weird rite…

The gynae ie Dr Lily broke the membranes (amnion) in order to speed up the procedures. My service was fully dilated, hence the natural urge to push came at around 11 pm something, but pity me, I didn’t manage to push hard enough for my lil baby to come out, he’s like stucked while his head is already visible (the term is ‘crowning’)….this horrifying condition persisted for almost 1 hour, where I did try to push again and again, till I started to lose energy, and felt like giving up and falling asleep due to exhaustion.

Recalling back the moments, the funny(or perhaps the weird) part is almost of all the things I have been reading in the tons of books and magz are completely gone once I was in the actual labour process..yup..I have been buying and reading all the books, listened to all the tips from friends, colleagues, internet and even went to the ante-natal classes, feeling confident and completely informed - but when the actual moment came, I felt like blur and blank anyway...Thanks God, my mom was beside me, holding my hand all the time, continuously reciting doa for me.. (my hubby couldn’t be with me, as he was in KL ..), while my dad, my elder brother and my younger sister took turn to be in and out of the labour room, giving me encouragement, citing doa etc…

Dr Lily had no other choice, as the longer is the waiting, the baby is at the risk of suffocating, so she prepared the tools to administer forcep on me to pull the baby out…FORCEPS!!!!so terrifying…me seeing the forceps, I attempted to push for the final try…with all my energy and hope..and YESSS, alhamdulillah, my baby was safely born!!!

I gave birth to my Zharfan exactly on the expected due date ie 24th May 2005.
at around 1 am. (based on my reading in mag, only 5% of babies are born on the EDD, so my baby is included in the statistics!)

Only Allah knows my feeling and joy afterwards, the relief, the gratefulness ( me not bothering about the stitch that was done by Dr Lilt afterwards)…the thing that’s still fresh on my mind is….how I felt so totally amazed at myself after giving birth and full of syukur. I made it at last- and it was a normal birth!!

Being pregnant and being a mother is one of the greatest blessings and joys in a woman's true it is.

Everytime I see my boy - Zharfan, I see myself in his looks..I want time to slow down,so I can enjoy being with him more before he grows up and leaves home.I wouldn’t swap my mother-and-baby years for anything in this world...being away from him for 7 months (Sept 2007-March 2008) was the hardest part for me to endure..(that was the main reason I started to have this blog initially, to express my loneliness while I was in UK).

Now my Zharfan is 4 years old, active, smart, adorable--> proud to have him as my lil sweetheart..

And the lady- now a mom, and the boy, together with their whole family lived happily ever after!


Note : the above story is truly my real story cum birth experience..though the title is ‘fairytale’ :p :p

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
10.40 am
~home sweet home~


MamaManja is having the above unique, interesting contest, which runs from 10th July till 31st July. Result will be out on 3rd August '09.

Before we check out the rules, let's cuci-cuci mata viewing the prize..

yess..a lovely bangle 'AVON Rerama Klasik Bangle'<-- perfect accessories for the coming hari raya...sooo tempting, me love all accessories from AVON!!! Here are the rules that I copy paste from MamaManja blog:-
  • Menjadi FOLLOWER Mamamanja
  • Add blog MAMAMANJA kat bloglist korang
  • Upload gambar di atas sebagai BANNER DI SIDEBAR blog korang dan LINK kan ke ENTRY ini
  • Nyatakan LINK blog Mamamanja dekat entry korang
Dan cara2 tuk join contest ni plak ialah
  • Nyatakan TAJUK LAGU & tulis lirik LAGU yang berkaitan
  • Buat entry tentang KISAH yang berkaitan dengan lagu tersebut
  • Nyatakan LINK ENTRY korang kat ruangan komen

So here is my entry :



Andainya ada di antara kita nanti
Berubah hala serta janji
angan ada benci

Suka dan duka dilalui

Jadikan kenangan di sudut hati

Andainya cita-cita tidak kesampaian

Ikatan murni terputus di pertengahan

Jangan dikesalkan

Jangan lantaran kegagalan

Kita saling berdendam saling bermusuhan



Memusnahkan diri

Kita harus tabah dan bersedia

Cekal hadapi kemungkinan yang tiba

Kadangkala yang berlaku

Di luar kemahuan kau dan aku


Well...actually this is the song that I gave to a special friend (let me just call him "N")'s a long story..but to cut it short...our relationship was objected by my family although initially it was approved by them. So when he was about to bring his Mom to see my family, my family declined, solely on the reason that he was a convert - yup, he was a Chinese Muslim, converting at the age of 20. Our relationship lasted for about 2 years, when I was in my final year at university..

So before I said goodbye to him, I gave him a letter, explaining why we had to break off, and in the letter, I wrote this lyric of the song Jangan Ada Benci (well, those days we yet to use email), we just exchanged letter lor...

The last time I heard about him was when I gave him a call (just to tanya khabar) and he told me that he has already engaged to a Muslim girl, and he said that we won't be contacting each other anymore, as that is painful to him (to me too)...dunno whether he actually got married or not..but I do pray for his happiness and joyful marriage life.

Whenever I listen to this song, I would automatically remember him. it's like 'auto-link'...he has been one of the kindest, special person that came into my life, though for a short span of time..' (don't want to write more about him, as it might offend my hubby plak..)

Sounds sad story rite..yep, sad but true, and it did happen to me, and still fresh in memory, as if it just happened yesterday.

To N, I pray that you become a pious Muslim (I know you do), and I hope that Allah will always bless you with prosperity, success and happiness in life.

To MamaManja, thanks for organizing the contest!! and as usual, me praying for the luck to win the cute prize!! Amiiin..

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
8.40 am
~home sweet home~

Friday 17 July 2009

My love day..

5 years ago, yesterday, at 10.14 pm, I was honoured to be awarded & to hold the title cum status of a wife, to a loving man cum my hubby now, Mr Rohisham..

I have the faith that he's the best one fated to be my other half, who completes me, and my life.. and miraculously my love for him has never changed from our first date until now ;)..Thanks God for Your blessings...Alhamdulillah

So, to mark our 5th anniversary, we decided to have dinner at one of our fav, affordable restaurants -->restoran nelayan titiwangsa. For the past 4 years, we usually had an overnite stay at any lovely hotels thru out Msia to celebrate our anniversary every year, but for this year, we would also have the hotel stay, not exactly on our special day, but next month lor.. :)

So we arrived at Tasik Titiwangsa at around 6.45 pm, we strolled around the lake, taking some pictures, and Zharfan was overjoyed to see a very large, new playground at the lake (well..we haven't been here for couple of years actually...)

The dinner was ok, though the steamboat was not so nice (prawns are ok, but crabs are not so fresh...huhh..)

So for my dear hubby (I know he sometimes reads my blog)..
Thank your for coming into my life, for being there whenever I need for a shoulder to cry on, or to share my happy moments and joy, and thanks for our 2 charming boys!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan & Ariff
10.30 am
~my cozy office~


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