Saturday, 22 August 2009

August contest @

Ibu Emir is having her monthly contest..

For this month, she's giving a way Jean Paul Gaultier -Fluer Du Male 75ml, EDT and what we need to do is..

1. Kindly post an entry in your blog saying "My husband/boyfriend/I am deserved to get this perfume because ...." You can use your creativity to make your entry interesting, funny or anything you want it to be.
so here i s my entry..

My husband deserved to get this perfume because...

he has been one of the 'SWEETest' 'thing' that ever happens to winning this 'SWEET' perfume would be a 'SWEET' surprise cum a perfect birthday gift for him (his birthday is on this coming 6th Sept)..thanks IbuEmir for the 'SWEET' giveaway...and honestly I love all the 'SWEET' stuff available on IbuEmirshoppingcentre.blogspot...and hoping to purchase some of the 'SWEET' items in the add much more 'SWEETness' into my life ;)

2. and at anywhere in your entry, kindly place my name IBU EMIR and link the name to


3. Kindly leave your comment with the link of the entry in the comment below


4. Kindly put this blog under your blog list.


5. This contest will be held from now until 12pm, 28 August 2009


To IbuEmir, thanks for the giveaway!! Salam ramadhan;)

till then,
Mama Zharfan
11.45 am
~home sweet home~


v said...

Sweet! Now, join in a fun word game at my blog and win a prize, too! Jom Play and Win

Mama Zharfan said...

hi lili11...thanks for the invitation!! i dah join pun!! ;)

Wan Amira said...

Ok, noted, just wait for the result next week ya :D selamat berpuasa

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks!!! ;)


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