Saturday 27 March 2010

Lucky me!!! >>>> me won lucky draw giveaway @cik fa's blog

me soooo excited to read a comment left by cik fa, alerting me that me is one of the 5 LUCKY winners for giveway contest bday blog cik fa!!!

it has been tough luck for me in this kind of lucky draw winning this really cheers me up ;) in the midst of the hectic preparation for London trip tomorrow ;)

the result is available HERE!

Alhamdulillah <<< rezeki for my upcoming bday next month ;)

-feeling lucky-
mama zharfan


zai kulim said...

Tahniah..tahniah....zai ucapkan..bestnyer...walaupun zai tak menang zai ttp sokong ...

Mama Zharfan said...

tq zai ;) ala, zai menang lagi byk jenis2 lucky draw can't 'celen' u lah ;)


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