Thursday 22 April 2010

Contest: Best Moment Mommy to be...

I'm joining the above contest which is due on 2 May.

Here is my pic entry...

lil bit about the pic:
this pic was taken when me was 7 months preggy (lil Ariff kat dlm my peyut boyot tu) kat Avillion Port Dickson Water Chalet...dtg bercuti...dpt free stay kat situ sbb menang contest Mamy Poko....bilik sgt cantik dan luas...kind of perfect for suka sgt deco kat bilik tu, sbb suruh hubby snap pic me, even preggy pun tak kisahlah...boleh simpan pic kenangan perut boyot ku hehhehe

To join, click HERE!

1 comment:

Mummy Chubby said...

hai..mummy terjah malam nak amik gambar...neway,TQ join contest mummy yer...GUD LUCK DEAR


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