Sunday 22 April 2012

Tea Party with Trudy & Teddy

What is TRUDY &TEDDY? 
-->>classic super cute apparels for every baby to fall in love with! 

As my lil Ariff's birthday is just over, 
Mama is yet to buy something special for my darling dear, 
Truddy & Teddy for him, why not? well, Papa said…that's for sure! 

Shirts, pants, overall, or cute tee - simply perfect for our lil Ariff's dressing 
Lots of choices... lots of dazzling things 
The tee in black and green… oh Mama is amazed, 
that’s a lotttt of shirts which one now to purchase??…!! 

Simply precious gift of love, our baby will ever need, 
The apparel collection are all cool, classic yet sweet, 
A lovely pair of pants for my lil Ariff's mini wardrobe, that’s a real treat! 

A shelf full of classic clothing for our lil Ariff.. Papa wanna give, 
So that our lil prince won’t run out of cool clothes, as long as he shall live ;) 
Filling the shelf should not be hard -no need for a mall!, 
Trudy & Teddy has it all!!!! 

Well… That's not the end of this posting, 
One interesting info, I'm sharing  
Trudy & Teddy is currently having a tea-party invitation- extremely exciting!! 
Gorgeous mommies and handsome daddies, what are u all waiting? 
10 parents with best quote/blog will be chosen--and now I'm dream of joining!



Anje a.k.a Mummy_Balqis said...

so cute la modelnya, sporting je posing dengan parentnya ye..

Ezna Khalili said...

wahhh macam ayu gak wat posting ni. Trudy And Teddy!!!


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