Friday 20 December 2013

sold out. tq | Legoland Tickets (Combo Tickets)

.update : tixs sold out.tq
MZ nak jual/let go Legoland Tickets yg MZ menang dari magz under ada 6 tickets yg available...kalau interested sila email MZ yer :

6 pieces of adult tickets Legoland Malaysia
valid until 15 april 2014
this tickets are Combo Tickets ie you can enter both Theme Park & Water Park
  retail price for each ticket : RM140 (LINK)
selling price for each ticket : RM100 (you save RM40!)
delivery via poslaju/pros express
first come first serve



amirah said...

salam MZ...kalau nak beli 2 je boleh ke instead of all 6?

Mama Zharfan said...

@amirah : boleh tixs ni (all 6 pieces) dh sold out tghari semlm lagi...

amirah said...

dh terlepas pulak..anyway tq..


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