Friday 15 April 2016

Happy Birthday dear Ahmad Ariff Shah

today, 7 years ago, u came to our life..and we brought u to Nottingham when u were 8 months old..we had so many sweet memories in Notts..
and time really flies..
now my lil Ariff is an abang as we have our lil Razeen with us :)

my prayers are always with u..until jannah insya Allah
moga Ariff jadi anak soleh, cemerlang akhlak, cemerlang akademik
murah rezeki, sihat, panjang umur, happy2 and ceria2 selalu

we had spent pre bday dinner together ptg semlm..ariff chose to eat at Dominos ganti bday cake hahahah 

wefie..razeen nangis (benjol kat dahi sbb terjatuh time aktif panjat tangga kat dlm dominos)

#throwback pic kat day before bday yg pertama


Wan Amira said...

Happy birthday Ariff. Moga menjadi anak yang soleh..

Ezna Khalili said...

Happy belated birthday ariff....


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