Friday 22 July 2016

somebody is travelling to Kuching

none other than myself.. this gonna be 2nd time MZ sampai kuching (1st time dulu pegi holiday, few years back...)

anyway, this Kuching short trip is obviously not for family vacation but for work an event in UNIMAS one whole day on 24th will be flying off to Kuching tomorrow eve...staying overnite ...alone :(

travelling alone...all 3 boys will be staying with their papa...berpisahlah sekejap coz mommy is working bukan suka2...cari rezeki utk anak2 jugak :) nak bwk pun not worth it coz very2 short trip and memang one full day got to deliver lecture in UNIMAS
Allahumma yassir..moga dipermudahkan segala urusan MZ nanti..amiin

sajer nak tepek pics...our last family vacation...(vacation - read : stay overnite kat hotel) :p

mommy gonna miss u all
mommy will cu all again on Sunday nite Insya Allah:)

salam jumaat al-mubarak

1 comment:

Ezna Khalili said...

Faham perasaan kena tinggal anak tu. Pernah rasa gak dulu masa kerja.


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