Thursday 6 October 2016

1st cashout from Shopback yayy

alhamdulillah..dh settle request for cashout from cashback and cepat jugak prosesnya..dh terus masuk dlm akaun after few days jer (less than a week)..
amountnya of course depending on how frequent/how much we have made online shopping/payment kat website yg ada affiliate dgn shopback --for me, I shopped at lazada regularly and ari tu booking hotel via agoda (ie hotel corus paradise) dptlah RM40 utk 1st cashout ni--errr me simpan dlm TH my kids jer..kira part of their savings lah (sbb i don't really save regularly..bila2 ada cash lebih terus save gitu)

if i've not mistaken, tak de minimum amount to redeem the cashout, any amount pun boleh asalkan dh mature/ready for cashout gitu.

happy shopping and selamat bershopback everyone!

1 comment:

Syima Emi said...

Bestnya dh boleh redeem.. lama gile tgu kan. Saya punya masih pending.. tp serious shopback ni mmg berbaloi..


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