Saturday 31 December 2016

November & December

for personal record only
some lil goodies recently won..

(1) terpilih as one of winners utk contest The Star Online (notification via email on 10th Nov)...dpt voucher Uniqlo RM200..i like! dh setel beli thermal dan sweater sblm fly gi tokyo ari tu..memang hadiah yg sgt tepat pd masanya

(2) rezeki from Blu Inc bln ni..

~dpt product/make-up brand Lakme from Eh!--dh selamat collect~

~dpt product Safi, also from EH!, also dh selamat collect~

~Dpt Kinohimitsu from Her World, collected~

(3) nama MZ sangkut as one of weekly-conso prize for contest Fair &Lovely Wasup..(week 2) lom dpt pg hadiahnya sbb contest pun closed on 31st dec

(4) won some more goodies from Blu Inc for Nov (result released on 15th Dec)..

~product Dr Brandt from EH!~

~product Kose from Her World~

~voucher spa decleor from Glam, dah selamat collect~

~soleus gps mini watch from Shape magz..yayyy i like!!~

1 comment:

Unknown said...

slalu ikuti blog akak pasal contest .. byk jugak akak menang every month .. bleh share tips if x keberatan ? nak jugak berguru coz now ade jugak try beberapa contest baru satu je dpt result dan Alhamdulillah .. ad rezeki


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