Tuesday 28 February 2017

January & February goodies

for MZ's personal record only

For January, the first month of year 2017...nothing much..just some lil goodies..

(1) dpt conso prize contest mamy poko..conso winners 150 org..dpt baby kimono ajerrr...lom kesampaian hajat di hati nak cuti2 japan bersama my lil family
anyway, dh selamat terima pun hadiah baby kimono tu on 17/1/17( wrapped in a nice box & blue ribbon)

(2) nama mr hubby and nama my mom sangkut weekly prize (cash RM100 each) for sunquick contest...memang ramai weekly winners..100x winners every week...result utk w7 was published on 13 Jan 2017

(3) Rezeki from Blu Inc utk bln January...

~Decleor spa voucher from Eh!~

~Enchanteur from Eh!~

~Decorte Face powder from HerWorld~

~The Face from Cosmo~

~clinelle from Shape~


Alhamdulillah...for February..telur 2017 finally pecah ie the eggs finally hatched gitu..-->> sangkut few prizes that make me happy  with my comping activities..

All these 5 winnings happened on 7th Feb ie result released on that particular day..

(1) my sis' name won Skeyondor from Blu Inc (Jelita online)

(2) MZ won conso prize for Contest Safi

(3) MZ won conso prize for contest Staedtler--got RM100 tupperware products and RM100 Staedtler products  - dh selamat terima via kurier

(4) MZ won one of weekly prizes for contest protex--Ikea gift card RM500- dh selamat terima via nationwide (23/2/17)

(5) MZ won of weekly prizes for contest Johnson & Johnson (wasup)

(6) Nama MZ & mr hubby terpilih as one of 90 weekly winners (total) utk contest walls..dpt tix legoland and legoland hotel voucher. syukur alhamdulillah...tercapai hajat my zharfan nak tido kat hotel legoland sbb last year tak puas katanya sbb pegi one nite stay jer - dh selamat terima vouchers+tix on 10th feb 2017

(7) nama MZ and my niece sangkut as one of 150 conso winners contest kitkat..dpt hamper kitkat value RM50..jadiklah balik modal gitu (wasup result notification received on 13th Feb 2017)

(8) some more goodies from Blu Inc for Jan contest (result on 15th feb)

~silky girl from Eh! (collected)~

~pureology from Glam (collected)~

~Biore Men from Glam Lelaki~

~Jack Black from Glam Lelaki~

(9) terpilih as one of conso prize winners utk contest P&G @econsave...hadiah voucher RM100 - winner notified via sms on 15th Feb (update : vou safely received on 7/3/17)

(10) nama mr hubby & lil ariff sangkut as one of 2nd prize winners - dpt toys worth RM250--dh selamat terima pun on 22/1/17

zharfan & ariff excited sbb box tu sgt besar hahahha--ni baru balik sek

dpt 3 items jer pun...set magic2..backpack dan set kaler2

(11) nama mr hubby sangkut as one of conso winners utk contest head &shoulders shampoo--dpt jersey barcelona fan club (FCB)

dh selamat terima jerseynya pada 24/2/17


Wan Amira said...

Looking at the prizes, u deservd the win.. nampak u punya kegigihan . Tahniah babe


wowww banyaknyeeee


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