Sunday 30 April 2017

March & April 2017

for personal record only

 (1) terpilih as one of 88 winners utk contest reckit beckinser (dpt call on 2/3/17)--dh setel collect on 20/3/17--dpt gold coin 2g jer (ingatkan dpt yg value around RM1k as per promo)...emm mcm2 ragam contest

 (2) terpilih as one of 250 winners utk contest coke..MZ join under giant (dpt confirmation via wasup on 3/3/17)..dh selamat collect on 31/st mac...suka2 sbb beg yg colouful corak2 coke tu sgt leh besar lps ni senang dh nak travel obersi, tak pyh pinjam beg my adik dh

(3) sangkut few conso prizes and one 2nd prize (camera) for contest canon calculator (english slogan based)...result was released on 8th March 2017. syukur alhamdulillah, nama MZ sangkut printer..dh selamat collect on 27/3, nama adik MZ (nizar) pun dpt printer, so dia dh gi collect on 30/3..nama2 lain canon akan antar by courier in 1st week of april katanya

(4) rezeki dari Blu Inc utk bln March...sangkut satu hadiah..Sisley Handcare from Glam Magz..dh selamat collect pun

(5) nama mr hubby sangkut as one of GP winners for contest Dutch Lady Disney on Ice--so dpt 4 keping tixs (dpt call masa 20/3/17)

ni resultnya (released kat fb on 22/3/17)

(6) nama MZ sangkut as one of conso winners contest pringles. (terima email dan sms on 21/3/17) dpt ang pow RM88 (dh selamat collect on 22/3/17)--lps lah utk belanja mkn nandos my lil family #syukurselalu

(7) ada lagi rezeki dari Blu Inc - Malaysian Women's Weekly..dpt product Laura fav ni esp tinted moisturizer..happy2..


April winning record (continuing numbering from above list)

(8) telur april only pecah on on the 12th day of sangkut as one of conso winners utk contest carefree @giant..dpt la voucher RM100 :) [update - vou received via courier on 8/5/17]

(9) rezeki dari Blu Inc utk bln April (result released on 15/4)

~bodyshop products from Shape~

~Redken products from cosmo~

~physicians formula from her world~

~skeyndor from Glam Lelaki~

~urban retreat spa voucher from Glam Lelaki~

(10) sangkut conso prizes contest appeton weekly..dpt set tupperware hadiah lom dpt lah..ari tu dpt sms ckp menang (conso winners memang sgt ramai pun anyway)..and dh bg details to them...actually hadiah utama iphone tp lom ada rezeki la nak dpt iphone ni

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