Tuesday 3 October 2017

Finally it's over

Not sure what's wrong with my lappy.. Sbb tak boleh nak sign in to my blogger a/c..so now signing in from my vivo smartphone.. I tak suka tulis blog guna hp sbb screen kecik :(

Just nak tepek pics psl event pgbtd.. Lega dh setel semua.. 1st time lah kena jd director for a big event

Ni masa souvenir giving.. Omg i nmpk so fat hahaha

Candid by prof ida.. Me and my secretariat a.k.a new deputy dean of student affairs

Me and deputy director sama plak theme kaler.. Dr areej
 Dr areej yg candid ni.. Using her dslr


1 comment:

Ann Ishak said...

baju tu yang besar :D


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