Wednesday 6 June 2018

Still looks nice even after 11 years | more reasons to love it even more

dh lama me tak pakai my pearl bracelet...semlm tiba2 dtg angin pus-pus rasa nak pakai..kebetulan dh nak raya kan lagi seminggu lebih


this is my beloved bracelet..still looks like new..dh 11 tahun pun usia ni (me ikat all the pearls tu dgn gold utk jdkan bracelet)

MZ still remember, pearl ni branded, bukan pearl yg biasa2...namanya..edward kong south sea part of hadiah contest hari ibu thn 2007 yg my mom menang ..contest/event held by karangkraf..edward kong as one of sponsors..

then rasa curious nak tahu more..MZ google2..jumpa one article psl edward kong value, the success...and no wonder pearl yg MZ pakai ni nmpk sgt nice dan nampk sgt baru sbb sgt high quality (and expensive too!!)

ni LINK from the staronline tu..

ni some part yg MZ copy dari link kat atas tu

And not just any pearl, as Kong cultures South Sea ones that are highly prized as among the world’s largest at average sizes of 13mm with thicker nacre and beautiful shades. Kong cultivates both silver-lipped and white-lipped oysters that bear a variety of coloured pearls, from white to creamy to golden yellow....
Glimmering under the morning sun, these freshly harvested South Sea pearls took four to six years to grow.“A pearl needs no embellishment. Their rarity and perfection are sufficient. That’s why the Chinese calls it chan chee (a true pearl). Similarly, pearls should be worn strung on just a simple silk thread. They are elegant and classic. That’s how pearls have endured the test of time to remain nature’s most beautiful gem.”
Lps gigih baca artikel tu (which is quite lenghty)....Now MZ jadi bertambah syg lah kat my pearl bracelet ni..knowing that payahnya nak dptkan pearl yg berkualiti dan harganya mahal, dan sgt cantik!!!dan bila pakai pearl ni terus terimbas kenangan terindah event bagaimana MZ dpt pearl ni...alhamdulillah atas segala rahmatNya

salam 21 ramadhan


Ann Ishak said...

cantik :D

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

cantiknya pearl ni..jarang i tengok pearl cantik..tapi yang ini memang cantik


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