Wednesday 2 January 2019

IIUM Law Journal | My work

just nak simpan kat my blog sebagai published paper..
well..part of important KPI in a life of a lecturer/phD holder is to publish research papers..lg byk lg bagus (lagi senang naik pangkat & boleh dpt award jugak)..

mine at snail bila julung2 kali paper published dgn nama terpampang...rasa syukur sgt2 (sukar diungkapkan dgn kata)..

anyway, this paper actually was presented kat tokyo dec 2016, so 30 dec 2018 baru settled published, in IIUM Law Journal..under research grant by MOHE (tajuk TPPA)

relevant link (to have a quick look/or download full paper in pdf):

let's work harder MZ, yeah!!!

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