Wednesday 8 June 2011

Susulan Huggies Event | parents lain pun FRUST giller rupanya!!!

few days lps abis event, Huggies ada email ckp tq for attending the event--me tak response pun, wpun terdetik nak ckp tak puas ati bla bla bla
then just now, me nampak 2 parents response to Huggies emails:

jom baca--PANAS ni!!!

me copy paste dari my inbox ni..

I agreed with Cheng Mei. I go all the way from Kepong, just to ensure my baby will had a happy day out that day but end up its a really bored event and hope Huggies will improve further and let us know what to expect for the future event so that we can made our choice to attend it or not.

I think the relaunch have wasted our valuable time and effects.
This is because we have been told this is all about PLAY DATE which i expected to have plenty of activities catered for us and our babies.
Guess what, I have seen lots babies are crying and getting bored.
Please kindly look into this matter and do not "make use" of us anymore in order to look good to your launch.
Thank you very much.

soo---memang betullah apa yg me tulis psl event tu--HAMPEH!!
so me pun apa lagi, me pun response gaklah, ckp me frust dgn event tu..and me bagi link my entry--ckp tu my honest expression :p

we'll see sama ada Huggies akan response to parents' view & frustration ni..other than apologies ..

note : pengalaman me yg terburuk attend event setakat ni..


Wan Amira said...

yes, glad that ade juge mummy yang bersuara.. i think yang organize ni tak cukup experience kot

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

latest dari tengku siap die kutuk MO lagik hoho

tiefazatie said... sah2 la mmg xbest nie..dh lain pun mgeluh nie kan2,

Alice Phua said...

I guess all the members in the event's organizing committee are still belum kahwin, or kalau sudah kahwin tapi belum lagi ada anak....heheheh! That's why they didn't foresee many tiny details in providing all the necessary provision or whatever back-up plans/items/etc. suitable for parents who bring along very young children.


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