Monday 11 July 2011

Winners announced | "Room Makeover with Nippon Paint" blogging contest

uolls dh tgk ker entries yg menang tu?

the top three winners with the most creatively written blog posts will be walking away with fantastic prizes from Nippon Paint and we're glad to announce that the three lucky winners of this contest are:- 

Grand Prize – Room makeover worth RM 5000: Muhammad Falihin bin Jasmi (

Second Prize – Paint job worth RM 3000: Wee Yin San (

Third Prize – Paint job worth RM 2000: Lee Hui Yen (

Congratulations to all the winners!

creative kan all the winning entries tu....i envy them :p
selain dari content, all the 3 entries have very heavy image editing skills --adobe photoshop is a must .
and all entries are in ENGLISH LANGUAGE -- so those who made entries in bahasa melayu to join this contest, emmm..paham2 ajerlah yer

and the usual winner, theeggyolk won again, of course he has the advantage of doodling skills that most of bloggers/compers don't have.

congrats to all the 3 creative winners!

note : got to work hard for offline contests :)


deqlis said...

tahniah...sis join ke?

deqlis tak join sebb bukan rumah sendirik... klu menang ni point tuan rumah tak kasik cat..huhu..

pepun n3 tu mmg kreatif giloss..:)


Unknown said...

congrats to them~!

tiefazatie said...

xjoin pun..sbb xduduk umah sendiri..hihi


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