Saturday 2 February 2013

Seriously SCARY | snatch thief @traffic light targetting lady driver

I got this on my inbox--adik me yg fwdkan--one of staff petronas baru jer jd mangsa snatch thief ni...kiranya bila kita drive, even letak beg kat bwh seat pun mcm dh tak berapa selamat dh :( and peragut2 ni dia pilih mangsa yg lemah like lady driver driving alone...
sejak case my colleague kena snatch from her car kat MRR2, memang me sgt nervous setiap kali berhenti kat mana2 traffic light and sgt phobia dgn motosikal....semoga kita semua sentiasa dilindungiNya..amiin

I would have never expected that I would be the one telling this unfortunate event.

On the 08th January 2013 after work, I drove back home-as I usually would, with the usual route from home to work.

I was driving back as usual, excited about spending time with my 3 year old son.  One of my usual route is in front of Prince Court Medical Centre-Jalan Bukit Bintang before entering into Jalan Tun Razak and finally into the SMART tunnel.  There are usually police traffic managing the traffic but that day, they were not there.


Traffic lights turned red and all cars stopped.  My car was just somewhere in the middle between the other cars, waiting anxiously for the lights to turn green.

My bags (2 bags) are on the floor at my right side (next to drivers seat).  I am very cautious about putting my bag on the seat and often warn other passengers in my car about it.  At the traffic light, I wanted to take my Smart Tag etc from my bag, therefore I would have to lift my bag from the floor and put it on the seat instead of my lap due to my oversized belly (currently 8 months pregnant).

Suddenly I heard a very loud noise at the side of my car.  I thought someone knocked my car and looked behind—no one there. But before I figured out anything at all, there was already someone in front of my face with almost half of his body inside the car, trying to reach my bag.  He was quite thin, white helmet, striped green with something shirt.  The loud noise was apparently him trying to smash my window.  It sounded as if he were using something really hard—metal??   And yes..window was broken into pieces with glasses all over in the car.

He grabbed my bag and I managed to held onto the strap.  We were both struggling (with me and my Braxton Hicks contraction?????) with the bag for a few seconds, with me screaming like a little girl.  But anyway...he managed to pull the bag, leaving me with only shiny gold coloured bag strap glimmering gloriously in my hands.  His partner and him just drove away their motorbike between the queuing cars, with my bag.  And being in the middle between the other cars...did not allow me to make a chase.  They were other drivers around...but I guess it was just like a show to them.   The light was still red for quite a while..however everyone acted as if nothing happened.  Other cars were just driving ..continuing with the normal ride home. 

I then slowly signalled my car to the left, hoping that I could hunt them down.  Alas...they were of course nowhere in sight..and there was this long queue of cars in all lanes.  Everyone rushing home.  Oh well, it wasn't worth the chase.

The best part was..I looked again at my side..seeing my wallet on the seat.  Wallet containing weeks of unnecessary hassles if I were to lose it too.  My mind rushed trying to remember all the things that was in the bag that was being taken.  Then…oh well, it wasn’t worth trying to look for them.  Instead I was already imagining them cursing me once they know the content of the bag. Now it is my turn to laugh at them.


It was just recently that I started bringing 2 bags to work.  Being pregnant, I need to balance my left and right side.

And on that particular day, I had my wallet outside of the bag.  

One bag contained handphones, Petronas Staff ID, make-up stuffs, lotsa syillings, Smart Tag and etc.  

While the OTHER bag contained Ipad, hard drive, book containing all crucial information.  

The robbers took the first bag (without the wallet).  So they are probably cursing the world for have taken the wrong bag- with handphones that could only last half a day anyway (needed to replace new batteries anyway).  Or perhaps feeling happy with at least some syillings that does not even reach RM10.  Handphones were only filled with some Simpson videos..etc.  Even if there were nude would be of my lil son.  Harhar. a way, I am actually very thankful that;

-I was only left with minor scratches from the struggling of the bag and shattered glasses.
-My son was not in the car.

-They took the wrong bag.

I dragged myself to Subang Jaya Police Station (nearby my house) as the traffic was already really bad if I were to drive to Dang Wangi police station-filed a report.

The policeman took my statement and he said I was lucky that the robbers did not stab or cut me to make me let my bag go.  And just before I filed my report, there was also a lady, went through the same situation in Glenmarie area.  She was an elderly rich lady driving an exclusive car, with escort behind her.  Her car stopped at the traffic light and robbers managed to take her bag from UNDER the seat.  It was suspected that those robbers knew that she have always placed her bag under the seat.

So I guess it does not really matter where you put your bag..under the seat..on the floor..or on the seat (well, this is obviously asking for trouble).  Thing is…we think we have already taken the necessary preventive measurements to avoid things as such..however..robbers also evolve.  They know and they plan.  It is already like a job for them.  The more practice they do, the more skilful they will be.  And these cases are like a norm, starting to spread like virus to some mentally ill people-trying to gain fast cash.  Used to be--rarely happened.  Now—usual.  It is almost festive season anyway—the time people would take extra cash out to spend..and of course more potential victims.

I have ALWAYS imagined myself to be in this kind of situation, and how I would react if it ever happens to me. Plans like…….

·         I have the necessary weapons in the carà stab them with screwdrivers/multipurpose knife and smash their heads with batons (not exactly healthy thoughts for a pregnant woman…)
·         Already have black belt in martial arts and had utilized them before in other actual situationàPlan: Maybe can punch hard on their nose / poke their eyes/ poke hard to their throat or kicking with both legs (righttttt…to even lift my legs up is already taking me more than 10 seconds.  So is not applicable to pregnant people)..or do anything possible towards their visible body parts.  Well, it did work previously though.
·         I always make sure the car is locked the moment I enter the car. 
·         I always carry necessary weapons for protection in parking lots-just in case.  Some laying around in the car.
·         Bags on floor. 
·         Eyes always like a hawk at traffic lights..

But alas……..just at that particular time when I was not really paying attention..that one time---It Happened.  All plans on how to react to such situation went *pffffft*.

I was informed that they have probably been checking me out for at least 2 minutes..seeing my bag on the floor…and ding*ding*…huge belly.  Probably made them think that I am an easy target ( slow in moving..can’t fight even if I wanted to).


Action Taken:

I immediately bought new padlocks for the house (as they have gotten my house keys).  Replaced the shattered car window and get the strongest window tinting that makes it almost impossible to smash unless they use a 14lb sledge hammer (if there is any of JPJ compliance??).  Next is to teach my dog to look super fierce eating monster….-just in case robbers nowadays are so IT educated and able to trace me down.

Eventhough they have only managed to take my handbag of least importance…  but still this whole experience has really changed the way I looked at life/situation/people.  Everytime I get into my car..head would start spinning where would be the best place to put my bag?  Car boot?  Spend whatever it takes to make your car safe?  Alert on surroundings everytime (geez..this is tiring).  You have to think and help yourself…as no one will come to your aid?? 

But whatever is it…..

Key Message is;

-No matter how prepared you think you are, it wouldn’t happen as you would have imagined it.  It happened in seconds.  Usually at times you are least prepared.
-Help yourself.  Unfortunately you are on your own.. in most cases, no one will help you.  Not even a honk from next door cars??????
-You think you are prepared with Plan A and Plan B etc? Robbers also come out with Plan A..Plan B…  they probably come out with decision trees like we do.
-Tint your car window with the best as you can’t take chances.  (usual thoughts in mind: Come on…out of all people..who would pick me??)
-Lock your bag/bag strap to the door handle or anything that is tough.  But still…not sure if it would work.  I was still…left with my bag strap anyway.  I saved the bag strap…but not the bag.  Or if they were aggressive, they could have come back and do worst.  I don’t know.
-Perhaps putting your valuables outside the bag..or if you still need to have a bag..make it a plastic bag or cheap looking shopping bag.  Like I said, they did after all took my nice looking new handbag anyway.
-It can happen to anyone as it has already becoming a norm.  Everyday now.  Especially to women..pregnant women..(pregnant men??)..elderly people..
-It’s probably a good idea to just let them go and not struggle with the bag (??) or it could be worst?  I guess it depends on situation and own reflexes.  My reflexes reacted to the situation of ‘protect my belongings’…

There are several ways to prevent unfortunate events..however no best way.


Sheila Adziz said...

hish... takutnyer... mmg btl2 kena hati2 skang ni kan...

mama tisya said...

dkt area opis...scary..moga2 kita smua dilindungi...mmg kalo kt traffic light jd fobia gk bila nmpk moto...huhuhu

transformed housewife said...

It's indeed scary. The other method after taking all the necessary preventive measures is to pray to have a safe journey.

CeqGu said...

Kenapala jahat sgt manusia ni...padan la dapat beg yg xder beg duit hihi

Guru said...

apa-apa perlindungan dan langkah yang kita ambil pun mesti kita dahulukan dengan doa pelindung, kerana saya sangat yakin kuasa Allah mengatasi segalanya. Kita doa moga Allah pelihara kita semua dari segala mara bahaya dan fitnah spt ini.

Wan Amira said...

my bos kene bende yang sama juga, dekt jalan sultan ismail, it happened in a split second, and the robber(s) managed to take away the laptop..


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