Monday 7 December 2015

Cara2 nak dapatkan Spongebob stuff FOC

ada promo kat AEON...

kena collect stamp/ stamp for every RM50 spend at any outlet at AEON Mall (exclusive of AEON itself)

the 1st stamp yg i collected ..dpt 2 pcs ajer..sbb beli ori charger kat samsung outlet kat Alpha Angle
different stationery items..cthnya W1 from 7-13 dec...4 stamp dpt 1 item, 8 stamps dpt 2 items for that particular week

alang2 beli brg kat AEON mall wangsa maju bolehlah redeem :) ie kebetulan jer...bukan sengaja beli brg semata2 nak dpt FOC sponge bob stationery pun hehheheh

1 comment:

Cikna said...

Alamak, AEON jauh la plak......


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