Wednesday 25 May 2016

Mini-mini cafe | as cute as its name

ari ahad lps, me and my kids pegi mkn2 kat Mini-mini cafe kat midvalley...

me tepek pics lah yer

lokasi..nearby GSC to escalator

a happy mommy with her 3 kids

seafood pizza--yummy

chicken burger

beef burger

bihun sup (so-so jer)

pancake ice cream

sweet sour chicken and rice set..sedap

our juice and mountain dew (not in pic, choc beverage)

our byr RM5 jer top up

nilah sebab utama kenapa me mkn2 kat dpt voucher RM200 utk mkn2 kat mini2..menang mother's day contest midvalley (FB)
garret popcorn tu me lom redeem lg..sbb voucher mini2 masih ada RM100, kena redeem sblm 30 may

have a nice day everyone!


Wan Amira said...

pizza tu nampak best :)

mama tisya said...

cute mkn2 guna voucher


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