Monday 29 August 2016

Sempena hari gaji

25hb (khamis lps) was salary day for gomen staff..
so weolls (read: my lil family) singgah mkn2 kat jees seafood after working hours..
sbbnya my zharfan mengidam nak mkn siakap steam :)

after all, it's about spending quality time with ur loved ones...mkn2 together will make the bonding closer insya Allah

siakap ni size medium jer...just nice lah for our lil family..the whole meal+drink costs us RM81 :) alhamdulillah atas segala rezeki dan kurniannya, mkn2 sementara sihat dan ada selera kan...

have  a nice day everyone

1 comment:


betoi2 merai ni. hehehe.. sodappp


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