Tuesday 20 June 2017

Meet our new family member | From far far away!

gigih my niece bawak pulang her lil fluffy 'baby'..nama nancy...all the way from ireland tu..naik flight balik msia
my niece dh sampai msia ari ahad (last 2 days)..and then balik kelate yesterday...with her nancy of course
boleh travel with pet dgn MAS (from KL-KB), tp kena check-in lah of course
my niece is back for good now..dh convo, dh setel everything semua kat ireland-i bet she must be missing ireland soon heheh like me--always merindui notts

cilok pic nancy from ig my niece (pic nancy masa kat ireland ni)

super duper cute nancy ni...i lom jumpa lagi si nancy ni...balik kelate nanti leh gomol2 peluk2 sbb bulu dia tebal mcm carpet hehehe


mama tisya said...

comey...mmg best la kalo dpt gomol2 tu

Kak Mahh said...

Gebunya bulu.


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