Tuesday 3 December 2019

Movie time | Ejen Ali The Movie- love it to the max!!!

Ari ahad lps, MZ and boys pegi tgk movie Ejen Ali..they have been awaiting this movie to be shown in cinema sbb semuanya peminat tegar watak Ejen Ali tu...thay all watched the tv series..

MZ beli tix via apps TGV the night before..pun tak dpt seat belakang..sbb full dh belaka..

MZ tak berapa kenal all the characters..tp after done watching it, rasa mcm puas sgt2!! terbaek lah!! kualiti, jln citer, memang 5 star!!! setanding dgn all international animation.
plot sci-fiction tp jln citer very close to msian culture, dan elemen of bonding mother-son
MZ nangis beria sbb ada part sedey antara Ejen Ali and mak dia (Aliya)

ni sinopsis dari google search

The Movie is a 2019 Malaysian computer-animated spy-fi action film. The film follows teenage agent spy Ali as he has to uncover a mystery that threatens the city of Cyberaya and risking loyalty to his secret agency MATA.

MZ bagi 4.9 dari 5 bintang! awesome indeed!!! rasanya ni best local animation that I have watched so far

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