Thursday 12 December 2019

A blissful Friday | Jeju here we come!

hari jumaat yg lps, masa MZ sedang menghadiri event kat UIA (ie long service award) as I wrote in previos entry..tiba2 MZ dpt message via fb messenger from one comper fren..telling me that I won GP

MZ was so excited and overwhelmed to hear about that..syukur sgt2 :)..ada gak rezeki thn ni utk menang trip abroad

it was a surprise sbb organizer tak contact MZ pun sblm release the result..tgk2 dh kuar result kat FB darlie malaysia (so far lom terima lg hadiahnya, so tak tahu apa tnc to redeem)]

alhamdulillah for the blessing--rezeki my boys ni..boleh cuti2 obersi thn dpn ;)

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