Tuesday 2 March 2021

New semester again! | some lil cute things

yesterday 1/3/21 was the 1st day of new semester kat UIA...so I had my 1st lecture at 12 pm...
djh 1 sek gomen dh start sek jugak semlm, tp my razeen sbb sek swasta, 1st day nya bermula jumaat nanti ie 5/3..so razeen masih pdpr mon-thursday

bila dh start lecture, memang bz dgn preparation for classes etc
dan pagi2 1st mac, gigih MZ settlekan e-filing...memang dh siapkan awal2 all the receipts/documents/calculation etc..moga2 cepatlah dpt tax refundnya (biasanya in 2 weeks)

anyway, these are some lil cute things that I got last few weeks

seronok setiap kali dpt parcel..yayyy

ni hadiah dari contest P&G..conso prize jer ni


ni plak conso prize contest loacker @guardian

silver box yg cute!

have a nice day everyone!

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