Thursday 27 May 2021

Birthday pada zaman pkp

sblm covid melanda, birthday biasanya weolls celebrate dgn cara dining out, ie mkn2 kat luar, and kadang2 siap dgn birthday vacation jugak (overnite stay kat mana2 hotel)..

anyway it's about spending time together...and creating memorable moments with our beloved ones

so birthday my zharfan 24 may 2021 ni...tak leh dining out...and sbb weekday, mr hubby keje...MZ pun ada kelas (WFH) and all 3 boys pun PDPR
so MZ just belikan zharfan slice cake secret recipe and dominos pizza ajer..
and tak de family pose pun sbb mr hubby balik lewat--tp dia tapau mknn utk mkn2 our lil family for dinner--no pic :p sbb MZ tak pakai proper utk posing2, mr hubby pun peluh2 dgn bj keje

so ni jerlah birthday pic yg ada

tahun lps (2020), birthday zharfan jatuh pada 1st syawal, so memang ada proper pic dan proper birthday cake :) moga2 thn dpn covid dh reda dan boleh dining out/staycation for our lil family's birthdays aamiin


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