Monday, 16 November 2009

Daddy's boy

I love seeing hubby and Ariff in these pair!! <--the t-shirt set is the one that I won from Minggu Penyusuan Contest by momschoice, and the t-shirt is under blessedmums brand.

My Zharfan has been 'merengek-rengek' asking and complaining for the same t-shirt...he thought it is unfair for Ariff & Papa only to be wearing that t-shirt...pity my Zharfan...I said to my boy, "Mama pun tak de t-shirt tu...never mind, nanti kita beli one set for us ie Zharfan sama mcm Mama..:p"

fortunately, to my relief, this afternoon, when I surfed, I managed to find that t-shirt set (called family set- which is priced at RM75 for 3 pcs)...
so apalagi...yee haa...without second thought pun, I quickly ordered one for me and one for my Zharfan!!!

so that 4 of us can wear the same t-shirt and pose as one HAPPY FAMILY!!!!
Now eagerly awaiting for the t-shirts to be delivered to me shopping has made our life easier (and money gone a lotttt faster to hahahaha)

Anyway, let's layan some of the pics taken yesterday while we had our lunch @ Pizza Hut Wangsa Maju (KFC drive thru)

my lil Ariff was bz with his ladybird book(pinjam eham punyer niheheh)-->good boy, sbb tak kacau mama yg bz makan ahahhahha

Emy+eham posing (papa eham also joined for the lunch-tak ter snap plak pic papa eham niheheh)

...o yess...the new pizza, cheesy bites is EXTREMELY YUMMY!!!! rasa nak mkn lagi, dan lagi dan time lor...

Rainy monday today...
~Mama Zharfan~


Pija Madzlan said...

kami baju sedondon time raya aje...6 org tu...mana nak cari baju dondon senang2...

Mama Zharfan said...

eh siti...boleh jer beli set t-shirt blessedmums ni (mcm promoter plak i :p)
hubby i kata nanti 4 of us pakai t-shirt yg sama mcm nak masuk sukan plak hehehhe


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