Monday, 23 November 2009

Sarah Rahim's MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY !!! (M-B-G) [sticky mode]

Sarah Rahim is having an exciting giveaway in conjunction with her upcoming bday...

Let's check it out...

1-- Terbuka pada sesiapa sahaja diluar sana
yg berminat dgn CLOTHDIAPER
.--YESS, that's me!!!

2-- Buat 1 entry
STICKY MODE sehingga 22 NOV 09,
M-B-G beserta dengan link banner diatas.
(sila copy paste kan shj ke entry blog & side bar blog anda )--DONE

Ajak kwn anda ramai2 join PARTY ni...--OK

4-- Mesti jadi
follower '' @

2 pemenang bertuah yg terpilih akan memenangi hadiah berikut:
{hadiah 1 : babyland printed CD }
{hadiah 2 : babyland bright color CD }


Haaa simple aje kan...
Ade lagi....


6-- Jika anda pengguna clothdiaper, sila ceritakan juga pengalaman/testimoni/kenangan manis anda menggunakan CLOTHDIAPER beserta picture anak anda memakai CD yg plg comel sekali :)

Yess...I'm a cloth diaper user for my lil sweetheart, Ahmad Ariff Shah who is now 7 months old. I started to use the CD since last 2 months..

Just wanna share some of my experience/testimoni plus a sweet memory of clothdiapering...

My own personal experience +testimony = yess...CD can save lots of budget/expenses on diapers (ie compared to disposable diapers)
  • It looks nice (with variety of attractive colours, design, style nowadays)
  • And it's very2 easy to clean, wash and dry the CD...just put into the washing machine...wash in a normal way... usually I just dry it inside my house fast drying...

My sweet memory/story of using CD for my lil baby:
  • My Ariff loves it whenever I put him on CD...this is very obvious as he will 'poo-poo' easily after I finish fasten the CD buttons on him..I could say this is because the inner part of CD (fleece) is very soft, so the comfort of wearing CD makes him poo-po happily in CD...lucky enough, not much trouble for me to clean up the poo-poo from the CD ;)
In short, Ariff=Mama= CD lovers ;)

7-- 2 cerita terbaik yg terpilih akan memenangi hadiah berikut:
{hadiah 3 :
coolababy velcro CD with wetbag}
{hadiah 4 :
coolababy snapbutton CD with legwarmer}


8-- Last sekali jgn lupa tinggalkan msg & link anda supaya anda tidak tercicir utk disenaraikan, pemenang akan di umumkan selepas 22 Nov 2009 :)--OK, DONE

Mama Zharfan & Ariff

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