Friday 21 October 2011

Kenapa tiba2 MZ terasa nak makan Pizza Hut

dh lama pun tak mkn pizza & family kalau pegi Pizza Hut, jrg order pizza, tapi order spaghetti :p tapi nampaknya nak kena order cheesy pizza la plak

sbbnya sambil mkn, sambil join contest gak--ada latest contest kat Pizza Hut...sms & lucky draw based

me pernah menang Pizza Hut lucky draw based ni (tapi by mail/post, bukan sms) masa thn 2010..dpt voucher RM200 (hadiah saguhati ajer) no harm joining, and it's actually possible to win kalau ada rezeki and luck :)

Grand Prize is RM100k cash--owh, pengsan me kalau menang cash sebyk itew ;)

ni info psl contest tu

Here's how you can join this contest:

1) Spend a minimum of RM30 on any Ultimate Cheesy 7 pizza (Combo or A'la Carte).

2) Every RM30 spent will give you one entry.

3) SMS your entry to 33310 according to the stipulated format.

All winners except the Grand Prize winner will be determined via an electronic random draw. The 15 First and Second Prize winners will be required to participate in a special challenge to determine the Grand Prize winner.

The prizes on offer:

Grand Prize: 1 x RM100,000 cash

First Prize: 5 x Panasonic Viera 40'' LCD TV

Second Prize: 10 x Apple iPad 2 

Consolation Prize: 20 x RM500 Pizza Hut voucher

For further information, please log on to the contest website.

Contest period: 20 October - 31 December 2011

jom pizza uolls!!!


Unknown said...

tq MZ sbb share info :)

Chekgu Azrine said...

good luck MZ.. semoga menang!!

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

sy br je mkn pizza nie mggu plas.. nk try msuk gak la.. hehe..

Ardini Humaira said...

dni pun teringin jugak ni :)

Misz-ella said...

Hi suzie, U always lucky. KC hrp kali ni suzie menang lagi.

juanita said...

Ngidamm yer

Anonymous said...

sy pun baru smlm mkn piza..rasa cam nk join plak...hehe

gud luck MZ

Eliss said...

alahai ruginya pergi sebelum contest ni bermula :p

Anonymous said...

wah menarik!

transformed housewife said...

mcm terpengaruh jugak ni. nak kena pergi esok ni.

tiefazatie said...

wah..ada kontest best je nie..hee

AishaAminudin said...

nak join la..kot ader tuah mcm mz , blh menang ipad...tahniah


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