Sunday 16 May 2010

Me won Pizza Hut Voucher....& update on some lil prize just received

My bro (adik lelaki) told me that he just received (via courier) pizza hut voucher worth RM200 that me won from this contest....

since me not in Msia, so the vouchers go to him and my family @kg to enjoy pizza for free...rezeki for my beloved family ;) my adik said ni hasil peninggalan contest2 i ni hehehhe
Actually I sent only one entry...and the contest was based on lucky rezeki to win the 4 main prizes, but being one of the 20 conso winners is not bad too...rezeki ;)

anyway, pizza hut is currently having an exciting contest ..too bad me can't join.. :(

here are the lil prizes that me just received from blog contest that me won:

Carter Romper from Miela77

beanie hat from Aqilah's Heaven -baby special pose contest

FM and lil souvenir from Nana (Giveaway by Damia)..

Still eagerly awating some of the prizes from some other blog contests that me won previously...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wah beznye menang vouher tu..murah rezki betol la...hehe nasib baik xpatah FM tu kan..aritu ada pos kat kawan tp pakai pos biasa je patah fm dia


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