Monday 31 May 2010

Contest 'BABY & CD'

This is a sticky post till 31st May

I'm joining the above contest, which is due on 31st May.

Here is my pic entry..

presenting my lil Ariff....posing in his CD in red kaler...pakai leg warmer kaler kuning... sambil panjat2 stroller...skill yg baru dipelajari :p - ni memang aktiviti kegemaran Ariff ni...

Mom's name : Suzi
Baby's name : Ariff
Baby's age : 13 months

Details of the contest is available HERE!

If I were to be blessed with a baby..girl...

A baby girl is a treasure rare;
A sweet pink angel, a little doll,
Nothing else can quite compare.

Me still considering and giving a deep, zillion thought...whether I have all the guts, courage, strength to have another lil angel in our family...last time when I have my lil Ariff...rasa mcm nak tutup kedai dh...especially when my dad passed away last year...coz I memang berpantang at my parents' home, and dijaga tatang sepenuhnya oleh both my mom & now my dad dh tak ada...saper plak nak jaga if i were to have another few years to come..of course not now..coz my PhD mission is yet to be accomplised..and my lil Ariff is kecik benor lg...nak bagi dia bermanja puas2 like his elder brother Zharfan (their gap is 4 years)

but on the other hand...the clock is ticking..
me getting older, kalau jauh sgt gap, nanti larat ke me nak push bila give birth nanti..and the older the mother the higher is the risk kan...

indeed..the joy of having a lil baby is simply seronok sgt baca pengalaman bersalin my good fren ayu..her 5th child ie her 2nd girl infamily....and she did it without 'stitch' all!!! that's an amazing achievement!!

pic my fren ayu yg sgt cool, posing with her pride & joy... lps bersalin :) :) geramnye tgk baby kecik tu...rasa nak cium cium cium :p

and me suka sgt tgk my best fren ezna, ke sana ke mari with her only princess dania...

me suka sgt tgk pic dania latest pic...posing for barbie model contest...good luck sweetie! 

dania & my Zharfan masa hari raya last year (ni ezna menang contest BOH, dpt cash RM3k :)

the funny part, me suka survey2 bj baby girl and all girly stuff, sbb fashion + kaler sgt byk choice, even though me tak de baby girl pun..and anak2 sedare me yg kecik pun all 'boys' :p

the bottom line : wait & see...kalau me terbuka hati nak try to conceive...(me now on family planning me pakai Implanon which will last till Jan 2013...) may be me akan try for a girl in 2013...kalau ada rezeki nak dpt girl lah :) :) kalau tak de genetic girl for me & hubby pun tak pe...itu semua Qada' dan Qadar kan...yg penting my 2 boys sihat sejahtera berjaya dunia I do pray in my 5 times prayers...every day..Amiin..
-->Mr Hubby lagilah supportive...he said, tak pe kalau me dh tak larat nak preggy...he is ok kalau we wanna adopt a baby girl sporting as usual my hubby ni..

Ada apa dgn "L.U.C.K?"

Truthfully, when it comes to luck in lucky draw (not including lucky draw of blog contest) is not soo lucky...
meaning that me rarely win lucky draw ..
me remember attending  few parenting events in the past few years and usually there is lucky draw session for lucky visitors...the prizes are always tempting...
but me had no luck...even how much me wanna be one the lucky ones...*sigh*

in annual dinner event like the one held my my former employer (UOB) did once win a small prize (phone top up card)...but all the grand prizes bagged by some other stuff...and during family day event @UIA, i remember won a small lucky draw prize, leaving all those big-big prizes won by my colleagues *sigh*

so it always crosses my mind that...can the luck factor make us luckier?? especially in comping...

after some brief reading from some sources from Mr Google..this is my finding and conclusion..

the secret to winning sweepstakes is patience, persistence, and a positive attitude, luck certainly to some extent a contributing factor to do with it as well.

There's a research on this LUCK factor done by Dr Wisemen (source:

He found out that we are not born lucky, and we can control our luck (in some instances ..)

and here is The Four Essential Principles..

According to The Luck Factor, if we want to improve your luck, we should:
  1. Maximize Our Chances---meaning that try to join more and more contests...esp the one that the chances of winning is higher....the more difficult to join, the easier to less competitor..
  2. Listen to Our Instincts---yup..instinct does play a role...
  3. Expect to Be Lucky---be our words are also doa..
  4. Look on the Bright Side--if we win..never forget to share, or even give back to some needy..and.... even if we don't win..that should motivate us to try harder :)
The bottom line...just keep on trying, join as many contest as we could (targetting the one where the odd of winning is higher)...improving skills, make friends with more pro compers.. and last but not least, doa agar dimuarhkan rezeki...asa winning contest is part of rezeki :) :)
ni doa mohon murah rezeki

Sunday 30 May 2010

Worldforkidz Giveaway

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at! terjumpa one eshoppe...WorldforKidz nama diberi
h...apa yer yg ada kat sini...lovely apparel for our kids..that's a discovery...!
edeem hadiah yg dioffer pun boleh...bila dh cukup point, all hasil dari brg2 yg dibeli
ots of unique fashion dari korea dan taiwan...berbeza sekali, tak percaya click SINI
an yg paling best... harga berpatutan..makin byk beli makin tinggi point diberi

aedah berbaloi2..jom jom jom apa tunggu lagi
lala...ada giveaway sedang menanti...voucher VIP boleh dimenangi
ebutlah 3 hadiah voucher VIP, juga ada hadiah saguhati- home deco sticker yg berwarna warni

edai maya yang mesti ku letak di dlm bookmark list yg wajib ku kunjungi
ngin cuci mata pun boleh, berbelanja pun senang semuanya di hujung jari
unia fashion kanak2 unik terkini- itulah WorldForKidz...ku sudah jatuh hati
illion of thanks for the giveaway...terima kasih daun keladi, harap2 ada rezeki :)


I'm joining the above contest, which is due on 31st May... tak byk amik pic dgn makanan actually...nak cari yg menarik lagilah payah...
so lps korek2 pic dlm mypic me rasa nak join guna pic ni...menarik lah kot....sbb ni my pic with choc cair...masa gi melawat CadburyWorld at Birmingham..

here is the pic...

seronok tu me main2 dgn choc cair tu...sempat jugak me rasa sikit sbb curious nak tau mcm mana rasa choc cair ni...rasa choc pure ajer..belum letak flavour :p

to join this contest, click HERE!

it's all my fault...and it's always hard to say goodbye...

he's not my 1st love, but i love him...for he has been with capturing all my sweet memories..and he's a gift from some one i care, a beloved one..

but yesterday...i had to say good he no longer will be able to be with witness and capture my best moment in my life...all because my own fault & negligence...

he in the above sentences refer to my Sony Cybershot Digicam...dh rosak...beyond repair...sbb my carelessness..bagi my Ariff main camera tu..then dia ketuk2 bhgian lense auto zoom camera tu..dh jd jemm..stuck...dh tak leh guna...sedihnya...tak sangka boleh rosak teruk gini...
camera tu adik me yg bg..dia beli kat US masa dia study kat sana...

ni lah rupa my camera tu...
sedih giller wooo...sbb camera ni teman setia...always in my handbag, ikut i ke mana sajer i pegi...
i yg careless tak jaga betul2....nasi dh jd camera dh rosak tak leh baiki- dh gi tanya kat kedai tghari td...

'Slogan Untuk abg eQ..."

I'm joining the above contest, which is due on 31st May.

For details. click on the above banner.

Here is my slogan..

"hhmmm...saya follow 'Kurasakan Something...' kerana.................."
[tidak melebihi 30 patah perkataan]

ikan di laut asam di darat
dalam kuali bertemu jua

abg eQ hensem banget

di alam maya kita bersua

hadiahnya cash, cenderajiwa sangatlah hebat

kecik tapak tangan bulldozer sanggup kusewa

Saturday 29 May 2010

Ada apa dgn 'comping'

Comping/comper/competition/contest/giveaway...what's so fun about them???

Some people are contest junkies (that includes me i guess)... while others find them a waste of time, feeling they will never win.

Then there is the occasional player or blogger (that also includes me :p)who takes a chance with Lady lucky draw based contest or giveaway..

The truth is ..some contests do provide a reasonable chance at winning prizes or money, such as those based on skill or creativity, especially those at nationwide level... Even contests based solely on luck are winnable - that goes without saying!

so ada apa dgn contest?

winning contests would realize some of ur golden dreams, make ur dreams come true...
some of my comper frens have the chance of travel worlwide...all via contests, enjoying holiday abroad- FOC...all are possible via contests..

As for far sekali je menang holiday to Bali, tu pun me cancel last minute, convert to holiday to Langkawi...the rest are all hotel vouchers or vacation package in Msia...

the truth selalu cuti2 msia, tp FOC - all won contests...the best part, dpt stay kat hotel2 yg best like 5-star tu...
kalau me congak2 balik, since me join contests in year 2005 until now, me can say about 80% of my cuti2 msia is FOC -hasil menang contests...

the amusing part...bila menang contest, me siap pass2 some of the winnings to my family free vacation in Langkawi, me bwk my mom selalu jer bwk all my family ie my siblings pegi cuti2 FOC ni, seronok share fun sama2...kalau me tak sempat, me pass to them jer all the hotel in return, they all are very supportive when it comes to contests ni...sbb boleh share2 kalau me menang :p

and the most significant part of me being a contest enthusiast dpt few good friends, in fact dpt one best fren...just because we share the same passion(we share a lot in common other than contest stuff)'s a real blessing....sbb me tak ramai close frens...yg betul2 satu kepala...

the bottom line/message of this entry : 
to motivate myself and my blogger frens yg berminat dgn contests to keep trying on winning big bigger biggest...:) contests ni salah satu punca rezeki jugak...esp for those coming from middle income class/earner like me...lain la kalau taraf millionaire, tak pyh susah payah terhegeh2 nak join contest kan :p


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