Sunday 16 May 2010

Contest "Cuti - Cuti di Cherating"

I'm joining the above contest, which runs till 19th May..

I wanna be in category

(B) "Percutian Impianku di Cherating"

Me and hubby are obsessed with cuti2 @beach...and we are hoping to have our 2nd honeymoon at Cherating Beach

Why Cherating? well...Cherating is one of popular Beach spots for holiday makers and honeymooners, that goes without saying...

and the other factor is that Cherating is conveniently located not that far from our home (Gombak), we can just use LPT to reach the place.

Having said that, actually, we did once had a short one nite stay in Cherating some time in year 2005, that was 5 years ago, and we were there because I was attending a course, so we didn't really have a private, intimate time enjoying the stuff that we love to do and supposed to do @Cherating...

So we have in mind our percutian impian di Cherating merangkap our 2nd honeymoon (we had been married for 6 years now, and we did not really had a honeymoon after our first honeymoon that we had @Fraser's Hills)

What's our percutian impian di Cherating like?

First, we wish to have a romantic setting, comfy room..Impiana Resort Cherating is simply fabulous for our dream vacation..

pics from Impiana Resort Cherating

wanna have rose petals on bed (。◕‿◕。)

plus roses in bath tub..

and we would love to have our breakfast in bed...just the two of nice..

and the MUST have stuff is candle-lit dinner...

and being in Cherating...we are not gonna miss the chance of strolling on the beach...just the two of us..

enjoying sunset together...

and for 2nd nite of our percutian impian di Cherating, we wanna enjoy seafood!! we're simply crazy about seafood...
 pic from Impiana Resort Cherating

and of course, i wanna buy some local souveniers from Cherating...

and last but not least, I wanna savour the sumptuous KEROPOK LEKOR, as I know Cherating is famous with this food :)

Hoping that we can realize our percutian Impian di Cherating.....@Impiana Cherating ;)

TQ Yusra Tours & Travel for organizing the contest!

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Gua said...

salam mama zharfan,

Nice N3 and good luck 2u..

Alya said...

hehehhe... nice!!
gud luck yer....
mama zharfan.. kepok lekor tu from Kemaman ... Cherating + Kemaman dekat sgt2.. smpai 10 min pon...
gud luck yer!!

Alya said...

Oppsss... lupa nk invite kat personal blog :


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