Saturday 8 May 2010

Ilhanryan Mother's Day Lucky Draw

I'm joining the above lucky draw, which is due on 30 may.

prizes are sponsored by Aivee-Emart & dari Ryansluver (the blogowner/organizer)

lil bit about Aivee-Emart-->>

it offers branded & stylish yet very affordable babies/kids apparel, accessories & educational toys. There's some great collections for mommies too!!

lots of stuff that have caught my attention...and me fell in love with are some of them..

Laura Ashely layered dress---sooo nice!!

Cloth Book & Rattle Gift Set (lion)---cute!

Baby Gap Pyjamas--lovely!!

Attractive prizes await lucky winners.

To join, click HERE!

1 comment:

ryan'sluver said...

salam mama zharfan,
tqvm join Lucky Draw Ryan + optional. all d best!


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