Wednesday 30 June 2010

My Cute Cloth Diapers Contest

me joining the above contest, due 4th july.

details click HERE!!

here is my pic entry ....on how i keep/arrange my lil ariff's cloth diapers... a lovely pinky floral box!!! 
so far my lil ariff ada 11 pcs jer collection CD nya in various colors, so kalau dpt menang contest ni, cukuplah sedozen CD ariff..harap2 ada rezeki :)

kotak ni for deco jugak, me suka English style deco2, so simpan CD sambil deco2 bilik :) ni kat bwh pic hiasan yer, not for contest entry :)

Feel free to vote for me ..@FB ---tq in advance!!

tlg click 'like' for my jd fan aan boutique dulu yer!/album.php?aid=19134&id=126442280709528&ref=mf

tq in advance :)

Tuesday 29 June 2010

mandi @ Mundy :p

ni citer sambungan entry on strawberries picking tu..

lps siap picking strawberries, we headed for mandi - to Mundy Play Centre, also in Derby..about 20 min drive from the strawberries farm..

ni 1st time we came mcm excited la jugak :) purpose my boys nak mandi-manda kat padding pool..and we wanna have our family picnic - me msk nasi lemak + bwk mcm side food :)

cuaca sgt best ie pans terik ..mat salleh memang ramai giller dok cari port bwh pokok :P

so what's great in Mundy selain mandi?? hhehehe
mcm2 ada kat sini...entrance is free, tp utk main certain2 things kena bayarlah, like kids-go-crat (zharfan naik 2 rounds, 1 pound each round), ada bouncy castle,
ada tempat panjat2,
ada playground,
ada donkey riding,
ada mini golf,
ada train - our family naik train ni, tix 2 pound each pax...

byk lg activities/games kat cni...memang best lah!!

jom layan pics...

my boys in padding pool..ariff wpun muka penuh chicken pox tp still happy main air

zharfan enjoy riding his bike kat track around the pool

hubby +zharfan enjoy main golf :)

mama posing kat playground

ariff kat playground - cian anak mama muka penuh chicken pox

best jugak kalau dpt dtg lg ke Mundy ni lain kali ;)

Contest Bergaya dengan Baju

me joining the above contest, due 3rd july

details click HERE!

here is my pic entry...

~me posing in my fav dress , 
dress ni hadiah bday En Hubby yg suka kaler dress ni (floral design red+pink), 
dress ni design layer2
and me pakai jaket denim utk match dgn jeans denim, 
and tudung pink match dgn crocs pink!!~

3f's first giveaway

me trying my luck in the above GA, due 5th july!!

details click HERE!!

and this is my fav prize to win :p

Contest : Lucky Draw by Shasha

me trying my luck in the above lucky draw, due 31st july.

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me wanna tag :

Happy Family Giveaway

me trying my luck in the above GA, due 9th July

details click HERE!

this is the pic of my happy family!


me trying my luck in the above lucky draw, due 26th July.

details click HERE!

my name : Suzi @ mama zharfan
email :
hadiah : category B
Referrer : kak yong (me blogwalking there)

Welcome to mamakuQis big giveaway

me trying my luck in the above GA, which runs 28 june till 28 july :)

details click HERE!

total giveaway entry title 
FOUR (one giveaway entry title given each week, publish every wednesday, sticky mode)

how does prizes are given?
for every week giveaway, prizes given as below:
1) ONE winner
2) TWO consolation prizes
3) FIVE early birds for entry submission
ADDITIONAL : grand finale for accumulative giveaway participation

winner notification
will be posted in the blog every week TWO days after the closing of respective giveaway

~contest anda bersama si comelll~

me joining the above contest, due 3o june

details click HERE!

my pic entry..

mom's name : Suzi
Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 14 months (DOB 15/4/2009)
~pic taken at a park near our home, on mother's day this year..
sbb tak de pegi mana2, so amik pic kenangan me and my baby, while having fun in the park!~

i wanna tag :


me joining the above contest, due today.

details click HERE!

To Cikgu Fairullah, i'd like to suggest the following stuff as bday present for u beloved wife ;) of course all the items listed below within the total budget of RM400!!

FIRST : a romantic bday dinner  or even bday hi-tea 'above the clouds' --at revolving restaurant KL Tower - (ni i letak  adik i punya wedding anniversary pic...REASON : sbb nak celebrate bday ur wife kat tempat yg extra special, she will definitely have a sweet, memorable day here....memang bestlah kalau u treat ur wife mkn kat sini for her bdy ;) bukan selalu pun myself plan to celebrate my hubby's bday next year kat sini :p kos dinner for 2 pax around RM250, if hi-tea, cost for 2 pax around RM160, tp kena buat reservation tau!! and on top of bday dinner/ hi tea, plus the following item

SECOND : a bouquet of roses!!! cost around RM50 (boleh beli kat mana2 florists pun, actual price depending on how many roses u wanna buy), REASON : women and flowers are esp red roses is lambang cinta kasih u utk ur wife, lagipun bukan everyday u beli bunga kan, just utk special day like bday :)
and on top of dinner/hi-tea and flowers, plus the following jugak yer...

THIRD : few suggestions:

a set of body care set yg sgt wangi, cantik, lovely...brand Crabtree & Evelyn, cost around RM100, REASON ; women suka benda2 wangi and cute lovely like this...feel good bila rasa wangi, u pun mesti happy tgk wife u cantik wangi senyum gembira kan.. :p

alternatively, if the above is not suitable, can also give a nightie (brand La Senza paling recommended) REASON ; most women fell good kalau pakai nightie yg cantik2...tidur pun lena dgn senyuman, u pun suka kan tgk wife cantik (plus seksi :p)

or if still tak sesuai, can give a pearl jewellery set (Sabah freshwater pearls- byk jer jual online, me pernah beli these sets, priced RM95)! REASON : women suka jewelleries, tak semestinya gold jugak tukar2 pakai gold, pakai silver, pakai pearl...i guess ur wife mesti suka pakai these kan...hopefully!

so total hadiah ie bday dinner/hi-tea plus flowers plus skincare set/nightie/pearl set = RM400!!

happy shopping for ur wife bday yer!!


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