Tuesday 31 March 2009

My cutey prize from Liyana@TerompahSurau

Liyana is so kind to drop by at my office this afternoon and hand-delivered to me the cute prize!! For me, it always feel good to receive my winning prize, plus it is very2 cute & adorable some more :p

Thanks Liyana a.k.a TerompahSurau blog owner...I really appreciate that :) May you succeed in everything u do yer...ur future career, ur passion, ur lovelife!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.10 pm
home sweet home

Monday 30 March 2009

Movie Time!! - Marley & Me

Last Saturday, my Zharfan & I went to watch Marley & Me at GSC mid valley - utilizing free tix that I won from cinemaonline. My hubby works on Saturday, so I had sweet time with my lil boy - well, before I deliver my lil baby and start my confinement sooon...

The movie is one of my fav genre - combination of family life, lil romance, pet, and my fav actress Jeniffer Aniston. Hence, it is about a marriage and family and all the ups and downs that entails -- and how a beloved pet ie a Labrador dog named Marley can be an integral part.

Yes, I enjoyed watching it - it was awesome but at the end, when Marley was dying, i couldn't hold my tears from rolling down my cheeks - yup, I was crying..the scene was sad & so dramatic! (huh...I went out of the cinema with red eyes and wet cheeks)..Well written and well acted, it brings both laughter and tears - that sums up it all!!

From google search, I discovered that the movie is based on the memoir of Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Grogan's life with his yellow Labrador retriever. The story is a collection of anecdotes about Marley running wild in Grogan's home and looks at the dog's 13-year life (he died two years ago).

Anyway, this is some of the synopsis that I got from the net:

"As the snow falls on their wedding night, newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan (OWEN WILSON and JENNIFER ANISTON) decide to leave behind the harsh winters of Michigan and head south to begin their new lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. They obtain jobs as journalists at competing local newspapers, buy their first home, and begin to make their way through the challenges of a new marriage, new careers and, possibly, the life-changing decision to start a family.

Unsure of his preparedness for raising children, John confesses his fears to his friend and fellow journalist Sebastian, who comes up with the perfect solution: John should get Jenny a puppy. "There’s nothing to it," says Sebastian. "You walk ‘em. You feed ‘em, you let ‘em out now and then."

John decided to adopt the cute, twelve pound yellow Labrador, who in no time at all, grows into a 100-pound steamroller of unbridled energy that turns the Grogan home into a disaster area. He flunks obedience school, chews off dry-wall, takes a bite out of the sofa, overturns garbage cans, steals a Thanksgiving turkey, consumes pillows and flowers, drinks toilet water, and chases the UPS guy. Even a newly-purchased, expensive necklace isn’t safe from Marley’s voracious antics.

Amidst the mayhem he generates through the years, Marley sees the Grogans through the ups and downs of family life, through job and home changes, and most of all, through the myriad challenges of a growing family. As John and Jenny come to realize, Marley – “the world’s worst dog” – somehow brings out the best in them."

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.30 pm
home sweet home

Friday 27 March 2009

MySuperKidsdotnet School Break Special Super-Giveaway

I love making my blog entry in this way (like below) – “not-so-rhyming-one”, just wanna add a lil variance, creativity (I think so..emmm) & spices, with the hope of capturing readers attention – heyyy, blog reading is nothing serious one, but it should be fun, fun & fun!!!

M=Mommy blogs are mushrooming
Y=YES!!! Now adding a new fav blog in my list – with parenting-related-stuff
S=So lucky to find MySuperKidsdotnet – a truly lovely blog
U=Unexpectedly, so it happened, when I was surfing MomBloggersPlanet
P=Pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting experience are the sweet topics it covers
E=Errr..the bonus part is, MySuperKidsdotnet is now running a contest!!! “School Break Special Super-Giveaway”
R=Ready to join anyone?? Come on…who doesn’t wanna win free goodies haaa…
K=Knowing for sure there are some fantastic prizes awaiting
I=In fact, there are 3 PRIZES for 3 LUCKY WINNERS!! It’s a Chomel Nursing Cover kindly sponsored by KedaiChomel!

D=Due date of the contest is fast approaching – 31st March 2009
S=So let’s check out the ways to join it:

"Anda cuma perlu menempek poster MySuperKidsdotnet di blog anda, dan link-kan poster itu ke http://mysuperkids.net dan nyatakan serba sedikit tentang contest ini

Nyatakan blog kegemaran/daily dose/inspirasi anda. Tuliskan sedikit background tentang blog itu. Apa saja blog yang anda paling suka, kalau anda suka blog MySuperKids, tuliskan saja tentang blog ni sedikit sebanyak.
Nyatakan kenapa anda suka/terinspirasi dengan blog tersebut.

Berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk blog MySuperKids supaya lebih menarik berinspirasikan blog yang anda nyatakan tadi. Kalau pilihan anda adalah blog ini, just berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk improvement.
Kalau tak pandai tulis panjang2, tulis satu ayat pun cukup.
Kalau anda tak ada blog, boleh isikan saja di ruangan komen di entry ini.
Jangan lupa inform saya kalau dah buat & sertakan link ke entry anda sekali."

d=don’t waste anymore time, act now!
o=or u might regret later
t=thus, to all contestants & mommy bloggers (yeap…that’s including me myself)
n=no worries if don’t win this contest anyway
e=eventually we make new friends cum networking with other mommy bloggers
t=that’s great isn’t it??!! & equally rewarding too…and a zillion of thanks to Mommy Lyna for having a fascinating blog & for organizing this alluring SUPER GIVEAWAY!

My inspirational blog:

Definitely parenting-related blogs, such as babyibu.blogspot.com & malaysiansupermummy.blogspot.com; why? Simply because they are all fantastic mommies bloggers..successful in familylife, career, and share the same passion like me – BLOGGING!

My daily dose:

Being an avid, yet small comper, I have obsession with comping/contest-related blogs or site, my fav is emenang.com; why? I believe in ‘live life to the fullest’..’life is short, so make it sweet’ – comping adds sweetener to my life…very fun & rewarding too!
Besides, I love staring at baby-kids photos, so my fav blog is eyesofgrace.blogspot.com…a picture can tell thousand of words!

One more category I’d like to add here…my newly found love..yessss, none other than MySuperKidsdotnetits gonna add to my list of inspirational blogs! Parenting-mother-baby-stuff has never failed to impress me…and MySuperKidsdotnet has it all! (this is truly my honest, sincere, deep from heart remarks..)

View- MySuperKidsdotnet is very interesting & informative
Comment – There’s always room for improvement
Suggestion – More pics please…baby/kids pics are simply awesome, eye-catching, heart-melting!!
- More contest like this giveaway – very effective to promote blog and increase traffic flow to ur blog, so that the information, parenthood related stuff will reach & can be shared with more and more mommies on the net.. “A joy shared is a joy doubled” – PARENTING IS ALWAYS ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE IN LIFE!

I pray all the best to Mommy Lyna being the owner of MySuperKidsdotnet…and hopefully there’s a rezeki for me and my lil baby in tummy (due soooon this coming 15th April) to win the adorable Chomel Nursing Cover! Ameen…

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.35 pm
Home sweet home

Thursday 26 March 2009

The Lil Caliph Online Store – Some latest updates & exciting activities

I guess this is my last entry for the Lil Caliph Online Store – obviously for the reason of competing for the contest “ Blog Your Way To win 4D/3N Holidays From The LILCALIPH.com!”

Heyy…its easy to post an entry or even a number of entries, no doubt about that... but..... the determining factor to the winning blog is judged based on the most creative way of promoting TheLilCaliph.com on the blog…which is not THAT EASY THOUGH….

I have been a regular reader, visitor to the Lil Caliph Online Store (& one of their happy customers too!!), and the latest update is that, they are organizing a mommy-baby exciting event!! It is “Bumps and Mums Weekend”

“In conjunction with the coming Bumps and Mums Weekend at Bangsar Village on the 4th April 2009, LilCaliph need a few mothers to volunteer to babywear their babies/toddlers on Hotslings in the Babywearing Show. The show will starts at 2pm.
Interested mothers who are used to babywearing and comfortable doing it please email Lil Caliph at info@thelilcaliph.com ( possibly before 23rd March 2009) Lil Caliph welcome anyone especially those who have purchase Hotslings from them. They will even loan their pouches on that day so no worries if you haven’t had one.”

Sounds sooo interesting & tempting for mommies who intend to visit & be part of the event!!
So dear mommies & friends, please block your calendar for 4th April yer…I’d definitely attend it if I’m still in Kl by that time…(my tummy is like a balloon now…just waiting for the right time….)

Before I end my entry, once again, my heartiest gratitude to the Lil Caliph (TLC) for organizing the contest, which is due sooon in few days time (31st March)!! My continuous, full support & good wishes are always with u, so all the best to Molina (the owner of Lil Caliph)…so proud to have a bizwomen in this competitive online biz realm! (this one is an honest & sincere remark…not ‘bodek2’ one …)

“Famous logo signifies customer care,
With guaranteed delivery everywhere,
Mother-baby stuff in modern style, TLC wins by a mile,
With quality so high, it’s my favourite buy!”

Well, it goes without saying that all mommies bloggers who have joined the contest would have the highest hope & dream to be one of the winners…so am I!!!!!…hopefully & prayfully there’s rezeki for me to shine in the winners’ list, so that I could share the winning prize with my dear ones (hubby, my boy & my lil baby in tummy who’s expected to be with us middle of next month!!) Insya Allah, Ameen…

Now…dreaming of winning – Langkawi...here I come...
“Tropical paradise, plenty to do,
Glorious destination, dream comes true!”
Oh island in the sun,

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.20 pm
Home sweet home

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Movie Time!! - Geng : The Adventure Begins

Last weekend, my Zharfan, hubby and I went to watch the above movie - utilising the GSC vouchers that I won from Kotex contest (Ceria Setiap Bulan -December '08).

I have read a few good reviews about the film, so I really llok forward to watch the movie. My Zharfan was equally excited as he is the fans of Upin & Ipin ;)
We arrived there 45 minutes before the show time...and guess what..the tix were almost sold out...except the first front row seats...we had no other choice, so we took up that seats...huh...

The movie has set its won record by being the longest showing movie in Malaysian cinema...It has been officially released on 12th Feb 2009...yet after one month, it is still showed, with almost full house still...awesome!

After getting our popcorn and ice lemon tea drink, we entered the theater ..Wow….it was already almost full, full with people, all family with kids! This movie must be special then.. So, we sat and enjoyed the movie.

Yep, I enjoyed it very much. The movie was marvellous!. Although it was not as excellent as Disneyland cartoon movies, but this product is for me the best Malaysian cartoon movie so far. Well done to the director and everybody who have worked very hard making this movie.I must say that for a meager budget of RM4 million, the first Malaysian 3d animation film is not just a good film, but an outstanding one.I think this is a proud moment for Malaysian cinema and also the local animation industry in particular. I foresee that this film might grab some awards in the upcoming whatever film festival in Malaysia or maybe even overseas. There was enough humor and suspense and positive message. Plus lil bit of touching scene when Oopet has to say bye2 to Rajoo...

So here is the synopsis that I copy paste from Les' Copaque web:
"Something disturbs the peace in the village of Kampong Durian Runtuh. Villagers tell of a fearsome beast lurking at night but no one dares to find out what it is until Badrol, Lim and their newfound friends stumble upon the very heart of the mystery itself. A small peculiar animal, not native of the forest befriends Rajoo and brings the whole gang into an adventure deep into the exotic Malaysian rainforest filled with dangerous animals including an age old mystical giant snake. Join the gang as they embark on a journey of action and adventure set upon the warm atmosphere of a Malaysian village enclosed by landscapes of greenery"

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.10 pm
home sweet home

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Blissful winning for March ;)

Just wanna share my excitement & gratefulness....I have been winning quite a number of goodies for this month...The latest sweet winnings are from Mother&Baby magazine.
I won 3 different baby stuff hampers from them, which I went to collect from their office in PJ this morning.

The prizes are....taraaa...

1) Simple Dimple toys hamper worth RM 200 (it contains baby tote diaper bag<--I love this one soooo much!, glove puppet book, animal squeakies, baby cooler bag, and 4 plush baby books titles numbers, colours, animals & shapes)

2) Apex Pharmacy hamper worth RM 355(contains infrared ear thermometer, electronic mucus inspirator & digital blood pressure monitor)

3) Buds Baby hamper worth RM200 (contains baby organic stuff like shower gel, baby oil, lotion et c– these products are actually from Australia )

Other prizes that I went to collect yesterday:

4) K-Swiss watch (pink colour) from Cinemaonline City of Ember sms contest (Grand Prize)

5) Marley&Me movie tix from Cinemaonline

6) UIP movie pass won from JUNK online watchmen contest

7) Hamper castrol/utusan won from supa strikas online contest - conso prize

The other hampers were Garnier hamper & Gillette hamper which I won early of this month from Bubbleebiz ;)

And currently still eagerly waiting for the 3D2N voucher of Avillion PD water chalet which I won from voize.my Express Your Love Contest. This grand prize actually I won it under my brother's name ;)

And also still waiting for the cute pair of denim pencil case that I won yesterday from TerompahSurau/Liyana blog contest ;)

I have won or this month quite a list of movie tix/screening preview which include : screening preview or Seven Pounds won from mag Intrend, preview screening for Confession of Shopaholics won from emmagem.com, screening for DragonBall Evolution won from Astro Ceria, and preview screening for movie 'Saus Kacang' won from sinar.fm.
And not forgetting GSC movie tix - conso prize from Valkyrie contest :P

Well,this simply means that it's relatively easy to win movie tix/preview screening :P

Comping has been rewarding and exciting moment, only a comper would know the feeling of joy of other compers ;)Being a small comper like me, I really appreciate my every single winning ;)

Many thanks to all my buddy compers - jing2, ayurafikah, ezna, hidayah - may all of us win more & more!!!

My syukur to Allah for bestowing me with His bounty and rezeki, especially for my lil baby in my tummy. Alhamdulillah..

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
7.35 pm
home sweet home

Monday 23 March 2009

I won it!! Thanks TerompahSurau a.k.a. Liyana!!

Remember my posting about TerompahSurau Giveaway??

I was so excited to read Liyana's message in my shoutbox this afternoon!!!
I have been selected as the winner for the giveaway!!! Thanks Liyana!! Check out the winner announcement here..

This is I copy paste from TerompahSurau blog..
"...And the winner is...
11:58 AM - Posted by liyana - 2 terompah
I'm so sorry for the delay.. I been away to babysit my lovely nieces and they are driving me crazy.. I will post their pic later k..ihihi

Back to the Terompahsurau Giveaway, I would like to thank everyone for participating. I had so much fun!! I really enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments and entry. The ideas were fantastic!! You never know if yours is going to get made soon.

Without much further ado, the winners of the terompahsurau giveaway is... Mama Zharfan... wii

Have a fabulous Monday everyone..Don't miss my next giveaway on my 100th post k!!"

This is in fact my first time winning for the blog-based contest - hope more rezeki will come after this Insya Allah...Ameenn..

So now, eagerly waiting for this cutey prizes!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
5.55 pm
home sweet home

Sunday 22 March 2009

Let's join Mom Bloggers Planet 2009 Contest!!!

M = Malaysian Mommies!! Mom Bloggers Planet is calling u!!
O = Obviously we are special, but on top of that
M = Motherhood is now much more rewarding
B = Blog-based contest is currently running, from now till 15th April ’09!
L = Lovely prizes awaiting – Heyy, who doesn’t’ wanna win such attractive prizes! Check out about the contest & prizes here..
O = Offered to mommy bloggers for their creative blog posting – thanks to my good friend Ayu Rafikah for the info about this contest!
G = Go to Mom Bloggers Planet website
G = Grab the chances to win the prizes!!

One Grand Prize - worth RM230
1 Osim Uvibe Massage (for mom!)
1 Luvable Friends Onesies (9-12m)
2 Luvable Friends Bib

One First Prize - worth RM160
1 Grobag (Toddler size (18-36m) Travel Sleeping Bag)

Three Second Prizes - worth RM30 each
1 Luvable Friends Onesies (9-12m)
1 Luvable Friends Bib

E = Exciting activities are there too – mommies’ discussion & so forth
R = Really2 useful for all mommies – but please register as members yer..
S = Sharing motherhood experience
P = Plus some other benefits too, like : MarketPlace & Classified : to promote ur online biz which is FOC http://www.mombloggersplanet.com/marketplace/ or BlogDirectory : virtual meeting spot for all mommies!!!http://www.mombloggersplanet.com/blogdirectory/
A = Absolutely fun, no doubt!
N = Nice, wonderful site I would say
E = Especially for those having blogging passion like me
T = Thanks Mom Bloggers Planet for having the cool contest for all Malaysian Mommy Bloggers!!!

If I were to choose the prizes (dreaming of becoming one of the winners now), I’d love to win the Grobag Travel Sleeping Bag…
Why?? Simply because I’m expecting a new baby middle of next month (15th April ’09), and I’ll be traveling abroad with my lil baby during Dec ’09 to further my study (in Nottingham, UK to be exact)..So Travel Sleeping Bag is an essential, a must, perfect for my lil baby!!

Heyyy…all the prizes are equally attractive!! Since the grand and the first prize is limited to only one winner each, I would be more than happy to win the romper Luvable Friends Onesies and the Bib, which are extremely cute!!! (my motto : to win something is alwayssss better than nothing!!)

My honest view about Mom Bloggers Planet :

-Very2 interesting – perfect virtual spot for mommies gathering and discussion board
- Bonus point – members can promote their blog to increase traffic flow, & to advertise their online biz too!
- A lil comment on signing up for membership which is a privilege & time-consuming, as it is properly controlled by the site-owner – that helps maintain the genuinity & integrity of all members who sign up!

Last words :

To all my dear friends, mommies, bloggers, feel free to be part of the Mom Bloggers Planet, and do join their contest too
Once again heartfelt thanks to Mom Bloggers Planet – being the organizer for the contest (and judge too I guess...hopefully my entry will have rezeki to win)
All the best to Mom Bloggers Planet – truly, it’s where the Malaysian mommies unite!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.15 am
home sweet home

Saturday 21 March 2009

Traveling with ur lil ones is now much convenient with Lil Caliph!

Another entry from me about Lil Caliph (5th entry to be exact ) :p

Being an avid, keen traveler myself..I have a lot to share..

One of the most important stuff is the preparation ie things to bring along in order to have a smooth journey and wonderful trip..

When I was single, nothing much to worry, other than clothes and camera...
but the moment I entered the world of motherhood, things to pack for travelling doubles up, in fact the luggage/bag becomes triple in weight!!

Zillion of thanks to the LilCaliph Online Store, for making traveling a lot easier...with so much items available for those traveling with babies and kids...

Let's check out what the Lil Caliph has!!!

This innovation has never failed to impress me..
Remote Control Roller Shade

And for my lil ones security..here is the item
Seat Belt Adjuster

To make the whole jouney/ride fun, and to say bye2 to tantrum, thanks God for this cute item
In fact, my boy has a pile of toys in our car...just to keep him entertained all the way..

The other best part is, The Lil Caliph also offers kidz sunglasses, such as..
Kidz Banz sunglass.

and it comes in the lovely case
Kidz Banz Sunglass Case in Blue Train

And being the mommy cum driver, it's a bless to have this..
Flip-Down Childview Mirror!

Guess why I choose to make an entry on traveling...
Simply because the holiday packages offered by the Lil Caliph in their New Year 2009 Contest!! I simply can't stop thinking about it!! and dreaming of going to these places too...Insya Allah, who knows there's luck and rezeki for me to be one of the winners...Ameen..

Taking about the prizes, ALL of them are really2 tempting...Heyyy...who doesn't want to win such a fantastic holiday anyway??!!

the GRAND PRIZE is a 4D3N vacation to PHUKET-the Pearl of Paradise

OR BALI- perfect escapades for honeymooners

And 2 more bloggers shall win a vacation for a 3D2N to LANGKAWI - the jewel of Kedah, OR
REDANG - the paradise for snorkellers and scuba divers<

TIOMAN ISLAND - the glittering jewel amidst the South China Sea

Well, if I were to choose among all these marvellous location, Langkawi would be the first in my list - for my second honeymoon..hopefully...

The due date is fast approaching (31st March '09), so all bloggers and friends, quick, make entries before it ends!!!

To the Lil Caliph, a heartful gratitude for organizing the contest, and best of luck with your online biz! Soooo proud to have a local businesswoman in this competitive online shopping realm!! To all mommies, friends, give your support by being the customers, and do join the contest too!!!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.05 am
home sweet home


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