Wednesday, 18 March 2009

FUN RABBIT-HUNTING – Win a bag of your choice from!!!!

Fancy of rabbit-hunting anyone? Well…I’m not talking about the actual rabbit hunting in the field (I would have no heart to hunt those cute, adorable little creature anyway)...

What I wanna share here is the virtual-online rabbit hunting games cum CONTEST organized by AliceWonders!!! The hunting games/contest lasts for 5 days from 16th March – 20th March…..And there will be one winner for every single day of the contest. [at the time of me doing this blog entry, it is the 3rd day of the hunting, so 2 more days remaining!!!]

Playing rabbit hunting games at home/office :p (or wherever u are) can benefit us in many ways, aside from giving you so much enjoyment, AliceWonders Rabbit Hunting Contest is also offering prizes ie their chic, stylish-in-design bags!!! And the best part is winner have the privilege to pick any bag of his choice…that’s really2 awesome!!!

So what type of hunter are u?
Check out this link!!!!

You could try hard and choose to grab :
Fastest Hunter Award (5 prizes)
The fastest hunter every day gets one FREE bag. 5 hunting days, 5 bags to be won!

Try ur luck to win :
Gung-Ho Hunter Award (1 prize)
The most persistent hunter gets rewarded too! The hunter who has sent an entry for 5 days consecutively also wins a free bag! more type of hunter :

Creative Hunter Award (1 prize)
Just make a posting in your blog about our rabbit hunting competition! One best blog gets to win a FREE bag too!
Well, this is what I'm doing now...trying my luck to get the CREATIVE HUNTER AWARD!!! good luck to me ;)

The discussions, tips, winners announcement & this contest related info is conveniently available on the just register yourself as one of the members for the board discussion..

The detailed info are all available at the link (as stated below), so feel free to have a look yeah!!!

Some tips from AliceWonders:
-The rabbit is not always posing the same way
-The icon is not always of the same size, so really open you eyes
-Today's(ie 2nd day) difficulty level is 2 out of 5, so it's still hidden on surface/first pages, nothing deep..

Just wanna share my raw rabbit hunting experience...

On the first day, I managed to find the white rabbit...but too late lor, still I sent the email with the answer to Alicewonders, at around 10.15 am...the winner for this first day found it at 10.01 am...That's amazingly fasttttt!!

For the second day, the rabbit started to hide at 8 am, but I only managed to find it in the afternoon - pity me.... even the tips given via the facebook message is tricky one...finally got it after I went thru Alice In Wonderland story..The winner found the rabbit at 8.02 am...Gosh, very fasttt huh..

And for today, the rabbit started to hide at 2 pm...I found it at around 2.05 pm, but got problem when I tried to email it...seems that no luck again for the fastest hunter award...

Anyway...still hoping for the Gung-Ho or Creative Hunter Award... :p

To all the white rabbit hunter...GOOD LUCK yer!!!! What a thrilled experience it is ;)

And many thanks to AliceWonders for organizing such a fun contest - also ''crazy one...coz it would make ur eyes glued to the screen - just to locate the white rabbit :p
And PLEASE, PLEASE organize the similar contest in the future-(it would be nice if more bags offered as prizes,, and more category of hunter more chances for me and other crazy hunters to win lor...:0 :p

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
2.40 pm
home sweet home

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