Wednesday 31 March 2010

3d2n @LONDON

actually, to be exact, it was inly 2d2n stay @London, as we arrived at London around 10 pm on 28th March (Sunday)..the journey by train took 2 hours to reach St Pancras Int London from notts train station.

We stayed at Mabledon Hotel, which costs GBP130 for 2 nite stay..

First day, after breakfast, we took a tube to Hyde Park station to get to Msian High Comission.
After submitting the dox for attestation, we had to come back to the embassy to collect it at 3.30 pm the same day.
Sempat mkn and beli tapau masian food at mini cafe at the embassy. I had mihun goreng, tapau nasi lemak, while my hubby had nasi lemak and tapau nasi campur (lauk ayam+sayur)>>each meal cost GBP 3.50 ...

Then we jln2 at the Hyde Park,
bought tix to board the Hop On Hop Off bus which is meant for London tourists..the tour cost us GBP 24 for each adult, and the tix was valid for 24 hours...
it's worth paying for the tour as we managed to visit and see all the main attractions london tower, trafalgar square, buckingham palace, london eye, parliament, london aquarium, tower bridge


the best part, sempat jugak naik Thames River cruise << part of the hop on hop off bus package ;)

we had our dinner at one msian resturant >> Jom is ok...price pun boleh tahan :p

2nd day, jln2 sambil shopping at Oxford Street...

sempat lg naik bas hop on hop off tu..coz the tix that we bought was valid till 11 am

then balik to notts naik bas at victoria coach station...journey by bus took 3 and half hours from london to notts...sampai kat notts pukul 9 pm lebih...

i have uploaded more pics at my fb...kalau rajin feel free to peep yer ;)

-mama zharfan-

Sunday 28 March 2010

Cute prize>>> from myra_zoe @ love story contest

My sis emailed me, that the prize from Myra_Zoe has arrived last Thursday...

it's soooo cute!! ;)

tq myra_zoe ;) for the sweet prize from a lovey-dovey themed contest ;)

happy me
-mama zharfan-

Saturday 27 March 2010

Lucky me!!! >>>> me won lucky draw giveaway @cik fa's blog

me soooo excited to read a comment left by cik fa, alerting me that me is one of the 5 LUCKY winners for giveway contest bday blog cik fa!!!

it has been tough luck for me in this kind of lucky draw winning this really cheers me up ;) in the midst of the hectic preparation for London trip tomorrow ;)

the result is available HERE!

Alhamdulillah <<< rezeki for my upcoming bday next month ;)

-feeling lucky-
mama zharfan

London here we come!!

me have been busy preparing for our london short holiday...from sunday 28th March eve till Tuesday 30th March eve...

this is gonna be my 2nd time in london...first time when I went there in 2008, by univ tour bus..and me just went to oxford street<

so, me was pretty excited with this this time  me going together with my beloved hubby & kids...
actually the main reason of course to get attestation from malaysian high comission office...and the rest, of course for sight-seeing, and lil shopping i guess ;) initially, we plan to visit london for ariff's bday (15th April), or for my byday (28th April), but we have to make early trip to get the attestation done (which is somehow urgent)

so far, train ticket purchase is done, hotel booking is done, and coach(bus) tix purchase is done, all via online.
journey via train will take about 2 and half hours from nott to london, whereas by coach, it is around 3 hours.

we plan to take the hop-on-off london bus, which is catered for tourists to london...hopefully everything goes well as we wish and plan...

me will be updating my london holiday story once we come back ;)

-mama zharfan-

Friday 26 March 2010

Confessions from a new Dress-a-holic ;)

Lately, I've become very obsessed with dresses....

and....the obsession is aggravated by the fact that...
✿✿✿ ...there are simply myriad of lovely, gorgeous dresses selection here in UK ..welll.... spring/summer is coming lots of new dress collection available everywhere....and purchase is just few mouse clicks away....either online or even at the shop/boutique...

>>>becoz me is wearing tudung, of course when me put on my dress, me wear it with a pair of jeans...

why me have this 'dress-a-holic' syndrome....

other than the reason mentioned above..
♥♥♥ like dressing in dress coz it looks decent (it covers my big hips & butts)..

♥♥♥ ....& me believe it looks trendy, chic and stylish in dress :p :p

♥♥♥ me love taking pics...and since me & family planning to visit London soon (and France & Spain later), so me must have a collection of nice dress.... so that can snap nice pics with nice scenery in nice dress :p...what a reason :p :p

so far, me have managed to grab 4 dresses since me arrived here...and this one is the latest one....

me bought this one online ( love this Next brand,coz the design is nice ;) and the delivery is prompt too(if order today, tomorrow got it straightaway!)

and me can bet that this one won't be the last in the list ;)...

and me is delighted to know that my niece is also sharing the same dress-a-holic syndrome with me...she's a teenager after-all, so she is well justified to be stylish & trendy in dress ;)

written by a dress-a-holic-
-mama zharfan-


I'm joining the above giveaway, which is due on 4th April.

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-mama zharfan-


I'm joining the above giveaway, which is due on 24th April.

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-mam zharfan-

"cabutan bertuah raflessia collection "

I'm joining the above giveaway, which is due on 28th April (opss..that's my bday :p)

Lucky winner will walk away with prizes from Raflessia Collection.

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-mama zharafn-

The Quilter's Bag Giveaway!

I'm joining the above Giveaway, which is due on 29th March.

Lucky winner will walk away with...
3 yards of Large Half Circle ribbons from American Crafts Premium Ribbon, 3 Fat Quarters ( 2 x Calico, 1 x Susan Winget), 4 assorted sizes of flower buttons and 1 Family Living Simply Delicious Chocolate recipe book!

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-mama zharfan-

Nurul Azham's Shoppe 1st Giveaway

I'm joining the above giveaway, which is due on 30th April.

4 lucky winners will walk away with ....
Make Way For Noddy VCD 
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-mama zharfan-

Teratak Puteri Giveaway

I'm joining a giveaway @teratak puteri, which is due on 31st March.

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-mama zharfan-

Wednesday 24 March 2010

When my Zharfan reads his book ;)

Everyday Zharfan got homework-reading task...he has passion in books and reading...and school task really helps him in reading..

So happy and proud to see my can read books for his age (Zharfan is now in Reception class in his primary school).

-proud mommy-
mama zharfan

Kakyong’s shoppe 1st Giveaway@Cabutan bertuah

I'm joining the above giveaway...which is due on 28th March.

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-mama zharfan-

Another glittering winning.....b.r.o.o.c.h.....>>>>BizzKizz Collection Contest 2010

I was sooo excited to see Siti Sifir's message at my comment box ....that I've been selected as one of the winners for BizzKizz Collection Contest 2010.

The result is available at  

Me didn't win the GP, but being selected as one of the 3 conso winners is blissful enough ;) rezeki menang brooch...

so this is my prize....
bolehlah ku tampil penuh bergaya dgn aksesori2 yg elegan ini...

Thanks a bunch to Siti Sifir as the organizer, and of course to BizzKizz Collection for kindly sponsoring the contest!!


happy me
-mama zharfan-

Tuesday 23 March 2010

My lil Ariff in the Malaysian Women's Weekly April issue

Being a proud mommy to my lil smiling all day knowing that my lil Ariff's pic has been selected as the winner for April cute kid - the prize is follow me hamper worth RM250.

close up sikit...

this is thecover of magz MWW

note : i must thank my friend ayu for alerting me on this, and my friend Ezna for soon helping me to collect the prize on my behalf :p luv u all..muah muah :p :p

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki, and the winning really brightens up my day, though bz with thesis, thesis and thesis writing...

feeling blessed
-mama zharfan-

Monday 22 March 2010

Mommy and kids' day out >>> jalan2 @ city 21st March 2010

The weather has improved tremendously compared to the first time when we arrived it's pretty ok to go out and jalan2...and the best part, I dun have to wear my bulky winter coat anymore, except for the sweater which is still a must, since the temperature during daytime is now around 10 degree celsius.<< it was freezing zero degree couple of months ago...

bas lmbt sampai,so guna timer amik pic near the bus stop

Mr Hubby is working on weekends, so to avoid extreme dullness of staying at home, I took out my 2 kids for jalan2 @city >>naik bas!! and of course pushing my lil Ariff in the stroller while Zharfan walked...

In the city...
ada eye of nottingham, but unable to have  a ride yet coz me with stroller and 2 to come with Mr hubby lah klau nak naik benda ni...

after lots of walking and playing at indoor playground in one of the malls (Broadmarsh Shoppin Centre)...I let Zharfan to be in the stroller, and me carryiny Ariff in baby carrier...>>rasa mcm nak tercabut lutut carrying 8kg Ariff and pushing 14kg Zharfan in the stroller...and both fell asleep due to exhaustion..

some pics at playground

still, i got to walk to catch  a bus, and sempat lg window-shopping at Marks &Spencer, Primark, Boots, Next, and managed to grab a dress kaler purple/blue tiny floral pattern at Dorothy Perkins @Victoria Centre << sbb ada sale...
me posing in new zharfan tlg snap this pakai tudung pink sbb mls nak iron tudung kaler purple/blue :p
the dress was priced GBP 30 normal price, and reduced to GBP me bought one!!me dilanda wabak 'gile' beli dress to cure ni...

penat, yet puas ati lah :p
-mama zharfan-

Saturday 20 March 2010

My new PINK t-shirt....and a new brooch ;)

I was so excited to receive a pink t-shirt from IreneLim fashion(o yeah, i requested a t-shirt in pink colour, and Irene is so kind to mail me this pinky stuff ;) - of course FREE of charge!!!...berbaloi2 for writing a short review of her e-shop..

My review is available HERE..

To all my blogger friends, feel free to join in the IreneLim free dresses promo, and reward yourself with a FREE t-shirt of your choice...come on guys, it's FREE!!!

o yess..I also received a prize that I won from lucky draw in MidiAidabiz2u  giveaway...a cute brooch!!! thanks MidiAida!!(me rarely won a lucky draw from blog contest :p)

-mama zharfan-

Catlinaflybaby ~ " Nur Dayana Insyirah 1st Birthday Giveaway"

I'm joining the above contest (Category A), which is due on 31st March.

One lucky winner will be choosen by the bday girl E-ein :)

To join, click HERE!

-mama zharfan-

Mystery giveaway by Miszshopaholic

I'm joining the above giveaway, which is due on 31st March.

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-mama zharfan-


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