Saturday 6 March 2010

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talking about lil Ariff's first bday is coming soon...middle of next month >>>> 15th April 2010...for me first bday is always extra super I have been thinking on it since last few months...

well...unlikely to have bday party here...but of course there would be bday cake sbb nak amik pic ariff with the bday being over-excited about dh siap beli for my Ariff a special bday t-shirt (printed with 1st bday!!) and special alphabet candles too...its gonna look nice in bday pic i hope...of course beli all these stuff online...pic kena tunggu bday baru boleh upload kat blog :p

papa zharfan is suggesting that may be we could go jalan2 somewhere here in UK for Ariff's bday...may be overnite stay kat London...i orait ajer...but then got to plan ahead lor...and kena fit into papa's work schedule..

another bday which is coming up month as well.... is my OWN one year older always stay young at heart...

for me cake is not that important, but bday present tu yang PENTING ;) love dresses sooo much(other than jeweleries, shoes, handbags...bla bla bla..) bila surf online, me stumbled upon one nice dress (my taste ni ...floral pattern) I told En Hubby...that I wanna a dress for my bday...instead of fresh flowers (initially I thought bouquet flowers are sufficient...but on the 2nd thought...dress is muchhhhh better!!)

so hoping to be wearing this dress on my bday next month ;)
(the price is in GBP, so dun convert lor...hubby siap convert ckp ehhbj ni kalau RM seratus lebih tu...then i simply said...baju biasa lah, kalau lawa mana ada murah :p)- and....the diamond belt is sold separately...if wanna buy belt too...the belt pun lebih kurang harga dress)

zharfan bday is in memang confirm kena beli kek ben-10, and everything ben-10 stuff...he's anticipating his Papa to buy him ben-10 bike..hohoho..which costs about GBP 100 at Toys R Us here...that's a way lottt more expensive than  Mama's bday gift from Papa!!

lucky enough, papa's bday is in no need to think about it at the moment..:p :p

-mama zharfan-


IntanBerlian said...

huhu,cantiknye dress tu sis.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

suzz besdai nextweek...hubby i dah kasi hint nak apa...*wink *wink

Mama Zharfan said...

bellarossa : yup, memang cantik..memang i fall in love with this dress...madly :p

ayu : hepi besday in advance yer ayu..bestnye dpt request bday gift ;)


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