Wednesday 17 March 2010

A big TQ to Twinky Winky Stars >> Lovely Diaper Cupcake for my lil Ariff!!!

Me in excited + "tak sbr nak tunggu" mode upon seeing this!!!!!!!

Yeppp...that's the prize that I won from Twinky Winky Stars Diaper Cupcake Giveaway!! >> rezeki my lil Ariff!!

Here is my copy paste from Twinky Winky Stars...

"This is the winning prize for newborn category. Sorry to Suzie for taking longer than expected to process your diaper cupcake. They shall be posted soon to your mailing address.

Diaper cupcakes consists of :

- 7 pieces of L size Drypers

- 1 Anakku Printed Napkin
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 H n M long-sleeve T-Shirt
- 2 pieces of Tollyjoy heat-sensitive Feeding Spoon
- 1 Bee Bath Toy

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