Sunday 7 March 2010

My Blink Blink Brooch First Giveaway

I'm joining a giveaway by My Blink Blink Brooch, which runs till 31st March.

I would like to name the above blinking brooches and bracelet set as:
"Glittering Blue de Amore"

Let's get to know what is My Blink Blink Brooch then...

Mesmerizing accessories...
You'll fall in love

Bewitching blinking brooches
Lovely...lotsss of brooches
Irresistably admirable
Nice design too
Knockout indeed

Beautiful accessories just for gorgeous
In style
Never too expensive but greatly affordable
Keepsakes or as gifts, that's equally marvellous

Buying can be done online
Really easy and convenient
Obviously hassle-free
Order and pay online
Cute brooch will be yours
Hurry up everyone!!!

To join the giveaway, click HERE!


-mama zharfan-

1 comment:

Ms SZ said...

tolong saya dengan submit resepi anda. tqvm


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