Monday 8 March 2010

"Contest Aksi Menarik Si Comel Bersama Floater"

I'm joining the above contest...which runs till 31st March.

Here is my pic entry...
[click on the image for  a larger image]

My boy's name : Zharfan
Age when pic was taken : 3 years old
Lil bit about the pic : 
Masa I nak snap pic Zharfan, I suruh buat tanda best (thumbs up) which means best la dia mandi berenang dlm float tu...tapi my lil Zharfan tak pandai sgt nak buat thumbs up, beria-ia dia cuba buat sambil pose, so thumb up nye jd mcm bengkok sikit...kind  of kelakar a bit :p

To join this contest, click HERE!

-mama zharfan-

1 comment:

♥cikmOt♥ said...

ok done...thanks for join...


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