Monday 15 March 2010

Today...eleven months ago... lil Ariff was born...  

HAPPY 11th Month's Bday My lil teddy bear <--I love hugging and cuddling him during nite time sleeping ;)

So countdown one month to my lil sweetheart's birthday (Mama has already made a check list of bday items to ballon, bday boy badge etc...)

11 months really flies..

but every time I count Ariff's age, automotically I can't stop thinking about my late has been 9 months since Ayah pulang ke Rahmatullah...rasa mcm i wish it was only a nightmare...but reality suatu perpisahan abadi sememangnya pahit dan sukar...Al-Fatihah utk Arwah Hj Ismail Awang Besar..Insya Allah, damailah Ayah di alam sana....Ayah takkan ketandusan doa dari 7 org anak-anak yg merindui mu Ayah..

-mama zharfan-

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