Tuesday 9 March 2010

Online retail theraphy - my latest obsession...opss

Internet has made our life easier...and money gone faster too!!! Online shopping is very common method of shopping and purchasing stuff in UK ( kat Msia pun sama - i used to buy some baby stuff like cloth diapers, baby leggings, t-shirts etc online)...

Ebay.co.uk is one popular online shopping site....u can buy almost everything here, and if u are lucky, the price is pretty cheap too!!! for me, so far I have got from ebay our tom-tom satellite navigator, my kitchen small blender,  and a mini oven..

Other than ebay, I did buy a bday t-shirt for my Ariff & alphabet candles (beli siap2 utk his bday next month)...can't remember the website address..but I got to know about it from a pamplet/leaflet which was mailed to me..

and for myself - hohoho, so far I bought online a bra from mothercare UK website, and a dress (for my bday next month- me being so impatient... can't wait to buy it, so dh order and dpt semlm hohoho..tp nak pakai on my birthday nanti la..) from www.very.co.uk  - me know about this webste from commercial ad @tv :p :p

and sempat lagi bought 2 pieces of blouses  from msia online site (funkychic)<-- sbb blouses tu tgh sale, it's a good bargain... then bersusah payah plak my sis mailed the items to me here in UK :p it will reach me in two-week-time :p

and this morning, while doing netsurfing, I stumbled upon one blog selling tunex or is it spelt as tunec "Q-First Boutique" -msian site (first time me heard this term)...and me feeling like buying these tunex...but later lah...tgk budget dulu :p coz each tunec is priced at RM120 (almost GBP 20 pound tu..)

so long the purchase is within budget (lega sikit sbb now hubby dh start keje...), it is a very effective retail theraphy for me ..why i need theraphy then? -->(after pening2 tulis thesis yg still bykkkk lagi nak kena tulis tu....)<-- alasan baikkk punyer :p

am i a shopaholic?...emmm...
-mama zharfan-


sya said...

ahh..bestnya :D ala..so far xpernah beli baju online coz tkut xmuat, except ebay la..so klu xmuat xralat sgt..hehe..but online shopping kat UK mmg boleh bt org jadi giler..haha

Ezna Khalili said...

alasan tu mmg lah baikkkk punyer.....leh diterima...:-) tapi i agak takut2 dengan online shopping ni. I akan beli kalau harga murah jadi x la takut kalau x dapat barangnyer...hihi...

Mama Zharfan said...

sya : sya saiz XSS, so susah nak beli bj online :p akak size average, so kira senang la ugak :p

ezz : tu la, so far i tak de lagi bad experience with online shopping ni..tak mau lah kalau kena tipu ker apa ker..rasanyer kat UK, the risk is low kot, sbb negara maju kan ;) ;) british ni mostly honest, decent, polite...

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

alasan I pasal shopping memang sama jer ngan suzie...setiap kali tension tu jer reason kat hubby :P

Mama Zharfan said...

ayu : nama lagi perempuan kan ;)..the opposite of kaum adam la..takkan lelaki plak sibuk2 nak retail theraphy kan :p

munira : memang cantik pun tunec tu!! i tgh dok budget2 ni...ada rezeki nak sambar ler satu..sopan yet stylish...memang my taste ni ;)

Unknown said...

tips untuk membeli

1- beli daripada website yang betul2 popular..spt ebay sbb dkt ebay tu ley detect sape peniaga die..so tak le risau sgt..

2- mudah.my..hehehe site FAV bg org malaysia..

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